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Published on March 06, 2012

Justin Hurley of Asante Health System Earns High Honors for Green Design

Justin HurleyDirector, Real Estate & Sustainable Planning, Asante Health System

Justin Hurley

Justin Hurley, director of Real Estate & Sustainable Planning at Asante, recently received the Oregon and Southwest Washington 2012 BetterBricks Owner/Developer award for his outstanding work in green building and efficiency.

Each year, a handful of standout leaders in commercial building energy efficiency are honored with a BetterBricks Award. These teams and individuals believe that an energy efficient built environment goes beyond good business sense and benefits all aspects of sustainability. At Asante, the result has been a better environment for patients, workers, and the community.

“We will only maximize the return on our investments by having happy tenants," said Hurley. "If our primary value is on ‘place’ our relationships with our patients, staff, customers, tenants, and the community will be more successful. Sustainability gives us a competitive advantage, and the tools to create change in both the built and the social environment. Who would have ever thought we could drive change through real estate development?  Now is our time and we should be taking full advantage of it.”

Under Hurley’s leadership, Asante remodeling or new construction projects are now built to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. Following LEED standards ensures that all aspects of the design, materials, and construction of a project are energy efficient and have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Room in Special Care Nursery at Rogue Valley Medical Center

A patient room in the Special Care Nursery combines clinical design with a relaxing setting.


“The desired result is buildings that are healthier for the environment with spaces that are more conducive to healing and working,” Hurley said. “I am proud of our Board of Directors for having the vision, and am honored to work for an organization that has great leadership through Roy Vinyard and Scott Kelly, paving the way for us to take on extraordinary challenges and create excellent outcomes for the communities we serve.”

The projects that garnered the BetterBricks award were the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit-Special Care Nursery expansion at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center, The Women’s Center in Grants Pass, the Creekside Laboratory in Medford, and the Imaging expansion at Asante Three Rivers Medical Center. The Creekside Laboratory has earned LEED Silver Certification and the NICU is anticipating LEED Gold Certification, a first in Oregon and second Nationwide.

Hurley embraced the idea of sustainability in the built environment several years ago and has been working diligently over the past six years to integrate sustainability into all facets of Asante’s large portfolio of hospitals, medical offices, and other buildings. The Asante Board of Trustees adopted his ideas, resulting in an organizational policy to pursue LEED certification for new construction projects and remodels.

The Special Care Nursery at Rogue Valley Medical Center

Special Care Nursery Entrance


Since this approval, Asante has undertaken six building projects and tenant improvement projects that are pursuing LEED certification. The most recent project is the 20,000 square foot expansion of the Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Medford. With Justin’s leadership, the expansion resulted in a 30 percent reduction in energy use over a typical building, and mothers staying in the unit have said they find the environment to be very healthful and healing for them and their babies.

In addition to leading the effort in these sustainability projects, Hurley has ensured the guidelines are in place for all new projects to receive third-party certification upon completion.

About BetterBricks Awards  

Research has found the nation's buildings consume more than 40 percent of the energy used in the United States; approximately half is used in the commercial sector alone. Many organizations and the government have called for more efficiency and less environmental impact from our buildings.

There's a cascade of change taking place within the commercial building industry, and the opportunity that energy efficiency offers to both the bottom line and the environment is unmatched. It will take leaders from across professions to collaborate, take charge, and enact change.

The BetterBricks Awards salute the individuals leading the way for high performance commercial buildings with an emphasis on energy efficiency. From the building owners who pay for them, to the designers and engineers who design them, and the building operations staff and service professionals who keep them running at peak performance - all have critical roles to play. The annual BetterBricks Awards celebrate the people behind the best projects in the Northwest. The result: a greater number of buildings that offer improved energy efficiency, bottom line benefits and a reduced carbon footprint. The BetterBricks Awards take place in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana. 

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