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Accountability to Our Patients

How We Measure Up: The Balanced Scorecard

Being accountable to our patients and community is essential to earning your trust and building a reputation for excellence. Accountability means making the right clinical and managerial decisions, managing resources efficiently, and measuring our performance against state and national benchmarks. These goals are achieved with the help of our Balanced Scorecard.

Care of the Community

Care of the Community, Asante Balanced Scorecard

Care of the Patient

Care of the Patient, Asante Balanced Scorecard

Physician Relations

Physician Relations, Asante Balanced Scorecard

Employee Engagement

Employee Partnership

This survey measures the percentage of employees who rate Asante as a great place to work. A higher score is better.

Employee Turnover Rate

This is the percentage of employees who chose to leave Asante within their first two years of employment. Our goal is to continually decrease that percentage.

Great Place to Work Survey, Asante Balanced Scorecard

Financial Accountability

Operating EBIDA Margin

Earnings before interest, depreciation, and amortization (EBIDA) is one way of measuring an organization’s profitability, estimating the cash flow generated by the operations of the business as a percentage of total revenues.


A higher number indicates more-effective labor resource utilization.

Financial Accountability, Asante Balanced Scorecard

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