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Published on November 06, 2013

Healthcare Reform and You

Asante also offers a free seminar, “Healthcare Reform and You", offered at several dates and locations. (all events listed below)

Oregonians will be able to shop for their own health insurance through the Oregon health insurance exchange—known as CoverOregon—starting Oct. 1, 2013. This is in preparation for the requirement that all Americans have health insurance by March 31, 2014.

There are many misconceptions and rumors about the changes in healthcare, and Asante wants to make sure the public has the information it needs to make the best possible choices.

The available seminars are listed below. If you would like to ask us a question, please submit it here:

Reviewed by Philip Stanley on November 06, 2013

Helpful Info & Reminders

Important Dates

October 1, 2013
Sign up begins
January 1, 2014
Coverage begins (if enrolled before December 31)

Healthcare Reform Links~

Asante's multi-specialty physician practice group. Schedule an appointment today. 
Oregon's state-run health insurance exchange: compare and shop for health insurance.
Southern Oregon insurance agency.


Some of the common questions regarding healthcare reform. We suggest that you read these....

What do I have to do right now?

If you have health insurance from from an employer or you're on Medicare: Nothing.

I have Medicare, what do I need to do?

Nothing, Medicare benefits are not changing. You do not need to be concerned about purchasing insurance through Cover Oregon since Medicare is not part of the health insurance marketplace. Nor is the Medicare supplement (Medigap) insurance or Part D drug plans offered through the marketplace. 

My employer's health insurance isn't that great. Can I purchase insurance through the exchange?

Anyone will be able to buy health insurance through Cover Oregon, beginning January 1, 2013. However, only people who meet certain criteria will be eligible to receive a subsidy to help cover the cost>>. 

I have a pre-existing condition and coverage has been declined (or is too expensive). Will that change?

Starting January 1, 2014 - insurers will be prohibited from turning anyone down for coverage due to pre-existing conditions. You can purchase health insurance through Cover Oregon>>

I heard FSA (flexible savings accounts) are going away, is that true?

No, but a federally-mandated cap of $2500 on FSA contributions from employers goes into effect January 1, 2013.

Are HSA's (health savings accounts) being eliminated?

No, but there have been changes. For detailed information, visit:

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