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Financial Assistance Application

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Financial Assistance Policy

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Financial Assistance Policy


At Asante, our mission to provide quality healthcare in a compassionate manner involves much more than the treatment of illness or injury. At a time when their focus should be on healing, many patients are concerned with the financial challenges of healthcare. The Asante "Financial Assistance" Program offers financial support and guidance to our patients who may not have the means to pay for all of their medical expenses. By identifying affordable payment options and/or reduced fees, Asante’s Financial Assistance Program allows our patients to concentrate on what is most important – their health.


Composition of Asante’s Financial Assistance Program

Asante’s Financial Assistance Program is multi-faceted consisting of the following:

  • Sliding scale discounts based on federal poverty levels up to and including free care.
  • Limits on annual collections tied to household income levels
  • Financial counseling, payment plans and other payment solutions.
  • Referrals to healthcare program eligibility staff for assessment and assistance with enrolling in governmental assistance programs.
  • Referrals to assist with enrollment in the insurance exchange.

Financial Assistance Program Awareness

  • The existence of Asante’s Financial Assistance Program is advertised on every patient billing statement under “Financial Assistance Program”. To request a financial assistance application please contact
    • Hospital Patient Financial Services at (541) 789-4111 or 1-888-608-7632.
    • Asante Physician Partners Central Business Office at 541-789-5250 or 1-800-390-2831.
  • In addition, Asante advertises the existence of financial assistance on our website, in this policy and with posters and brochures displayed at registration areas of each hospital and clinic.
  • Financial Assistance applications are distributed by healthcare program eligibility staff, with patients contacted during and/or after their hospital encounter or clinic office visit.
  • Resource Management staff refer patients for Financial Assistance to Patient Access, Patient Financial Services, and/or healthcare program eligibility staff.

Services Covered by Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is available for services and procedures which would be covered by the Oregon Division of Medical Assistance Programs (Oregon Medicaid). In addition, Financial Assistance is available for cancer diagnoses, high acuity Emergency Department services, and related visits to an eligible episode of illness whether or not the services are covered by Oregon Medicaid. Additional exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. It is important to note the following scenarios where Financial Assistance is NOT available:

  • Financial Assistance will not be granted for an individual who refuses to cooperate in seeking available and affordable health care coverage.
  • Financial Assistance is not granted for elective surgery or procedures.
  • Financial Assistance applies to services rendered by Asante’s hospitals, and Asante Physician Partners; not to independent physician/provider bills. Independent physicians include radiologists, anesthesiologists, pathologists, surgeons, and other specialists.

You must be a resident of a county in our nine county service area defined as Jackson, Josephine, Curry, Douglas, Klamath, Lake, Del Norte, Siskiyou or Modoc, if applying for financial assistance for non-emergency services.

Asante’s hospitals provide emergency care services pursuant to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) regardless of a patient’s insurance or financial status. Discounts for emergency services are determined after EMTALA obligations are met. There is no residency requirement for emergency care.

Additional discounts may be available for patients without insurance and Financial Assistance will be applied to balances due after those discounts.

Financial Assistance Determination Process

  • Patient Access and healthcare program eligibility staff will screen patients to best match each patient to governmental eligibility programs.
  • For patients yet to qualify for government eligibility programs, and for those without insurance including self-employed patients, Patient Access will use electronic resources to identify patients’ need for financial assistance at the time of registration. This resource will not reflect as an inquiry on the patient’s credit report.
  • If there is any indication that a patient will have difficulty paying their bill, a Financial Assistance application is given or sent to the patient to complete and return to Patient Financial Services to determine whether they qualify for financial assistance.
  • Financial Assistance applications are given to any patient requesting assistance.
  • Upon receipt of the Financial Assistance application, a patient’s qualifications for sliding scale discounts will be reviewed by either the Hospital Patient Financial Services staff or the Asante Physician Partner Central Billing Office. Both groups reserve the right to review the application independently and determine how to apply to the patient balances.
  • When reviewing qualifications, the reviewing party considers income as total family gross income and accounts for circumstances including other debt, family’s assets (exempts family’s primary residence, and funds held in pension or retirement plan), number of dependants listed on current income tax return, and other factors including other outstanding medical debt and catastrophic events.
  • For all Asante balances collections will be capped at 20% of a family’s household income in any given calendar year. The 20% limitation may not be applicable when assets exceed 600% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • For patients who have completed the financial assistance application, supplied all documents required and have been approved, the eligibility for financial assistance remains active for urgent and emergent services for a six month period beginning on the date of service for which the patient was deemed eligible for financial assistance, at which time an updated application will be required for any future services rendered.
  • The level of eligibility is determined and communicated with the patient within 21 working days of receipt of the application, and all supporting documentation. The range of eligibility includes from 6 to 24 month interest-free payment plans and a sliding scale account balance discount up to complete forgiveness of the outstanding debt.

Sliding scale discounts are based on the federal poverty guidelines, which factor in family size, are defined below in table A.

Table A

All patients can qualify for discounts as outlined below:

Income as Percentage of Federal Poverty Guidelines

Financial Assistance Adjustment Percent





















Payment Plans

Asante hospitals allow patients to arrange payment plans which are interest free for up to two years (24 months). Asante Physician Partners allow up to a six month payment plan. Because of changing financial circumstances with many families, adjustment to payment plans may be requested at any time during the course of paying off the debt. On rare occasions, Asante’s management may make limited exceptions to this policy to extend Financial Assistance.

Download Financial Assistance Application

English (pdf)

Spanish (pdf)

Download Financial Assistance Policy (pdf)

Reviewed by Philip Stanley on November 16, 2015

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