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Asante Center for Outpatient Health, view from the street

Asante Center for Outpatient Health, view from the street

What is the Center for Outpatient Health?

A state-of-the-art clinic designed to consolidate services currently located in other places; the Asante Center for Outpatient Health is a new 90,000 square-foot building going up next to Asante Three Rivers Medical Center. This environmentally sustainable facility will house imaging services, lab, urgent care, physical therapy, outpatient surgery, and physician offices.


The building’s stunning design includes walls of windows for allowing natural light, cedar beams, regional stonework, and a floor-to-ceiling atrium on the southeast side, which resembles the hospital’s main entry. At four floors high, the Asante Center for Outpatient Health is taller than the hospital itself and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Check-in kiosks on the main floor are just the first step in streamlined care for clinic patients. By combining several services within one building, Asante hopes to provide greater continuity of healthcare services for our community. For example, a patient could come into our urgent care with a broken arm, have it X-rayed, receive care from an orthopedic surgeon, and possibly begin physical therapy within a few days—all from the comfort of one convenient facility.

The Asante Center for Outpatient Health is expected to attract qualified new physicians to the area, which will help us attract the 30 more primary care physicians the Grants Pass area needs in order to meet the growing healthcare demands of our community.

The Outpatient Center is expected to open this fall. Until then, you can catch a glimpse of the interior construction on, where videos of the new facility are available for viewing.

Future of Asante in Grants Pass

Q. I heard the new Asante Center for Outpatient Health is just one part of Asante’s plans for expansion. What else is in the works?

The new Asante Center for Outpatient Health is the latest building in Asante’s master plan for expanding services in Grants Pass. It is slated to open this fall and will offer imaging services, urgent care, physical therapy, outpatient surgery, and physician offices in a modern and tranquil environment.


Prior to the Asante Center for Outpatient Health, Asante, in partnership with Women’s Health Center of Southern Oregon, opened The Women’s Center in 2012. This state-of-the-art facility, which is also located adjacent to Asante Three Rivers Medical Center campus, is the region’s top provider of obstetrics and gynecology care.

Within the next ten years, Asante plans to expand the hospital’s Emergency Department to the north toward Union Avenue and connect it to the Outpatient Center via a sky bridge. In 15 or 20 years, hospital leaders also expect to build an east addition to the Outpatient Center in order to meet the growing demand for healthcare services in Grants Pass.

All facilities will be built with a focus on energy efficiency and low ecological impact, using low-emitting materials, water-conserving plumbing and fixtures, and native landscaping. 

Green Healthcare

Q. Is Asante’s new construction taking into consideration the environmental health and safety of our community?

Yes! Asante is committed to building energy-efficient and ecologically friendly facilities. For example, the new Asante Center for Outpatient Health, currently under construction next to Asante Three Rivers Medical Center, is expected to earn a silver or possibly gold certification by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).


The building uses low-emitting indoor construction materials for cleaner air inside the facility. Designers avoided incorporating PVC (poly vinyl chloride) or any materials that would emit volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde.

Low-flow fixtures for toilets and showers will reduce normal water use by 35 percent. Overall energy costs are expected to be 12 percent lower than baseline numbers.

Asante also took great care to incorporate outdoor respite areas for patients and staff to benefit from exposure to natural air. Landscaping will be similar to The Women’s Health Center adjacent to the hospital campus, where native plants and trees fill bark-filled bioswales designed to reduce runoff.

Sustainable design is not a new endeavor for Asante. The health system has taken the lead in Southern Oregon for building green healthcare facilities. Most recently, the Special Care Nursery at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Medford was certified gold for LEED commercial interiors

The Women’s Health Center was constructed with similar sustainable principles and will apply for LEED certification along with the new Asante Center for Outpatient Health. The Asante master plan calls for green-built design and construction for all future construction projects.


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