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Client Testimonials

The handwritten comments submitted by clients we have served reveal what the numbers cannot. In many cases, we have established a genuine working relationship with clients that will continue to positively influence work performance, workplace "climate," and other indicators of workplace health:

I have used EAP for a few personal issues over the last 15 years. It has been an enormous help to me and my family. I'm very thankful that Asante provides this service to its employees. EAP has helped me resolve my issue so that I don't have to spend more money getting outside counseling. I have recommended her and EAP to many of my co-workers.

Your service is incredibly valuable! It was a very validating experience for me.

My counselor is a very wise and special woman. Within a short period of time she not only became an advisor, but a very special friend to me. I have learned a great deal of self-management, wise choices and goals that I need to accomplish in my life. I hope and pray that she has learned from me to help her assist others to helping themselves. Thank you Asante EAP. God bless!

My counseling helped me to focus on my inner strengths and coping skills I already had and had lost sight of. Affirmation and redirection helped me to understand my issues!

The service was extremely helpful. I appreciate your company taking interest in the health of your employees. Thank you.

I appreciate the sensitive way I was treated by everyone involved. I very much appreciate the prompt appointment I was given at the time I called. I appreciate being respected and taken seriously. Keep up the good work!! Thank you.

My counselor is sooo calm! and such a good listener! She gave me a reason to keep on living!! I'm back in the swing of life thanks to this service.

Thank you very much. My counselor's understanding of problems and specialized trainings in Eastern psychologies seem very appropriate and professional.

I'm very grateful that Asante provides this service onsite-I recommend this service to co-workers all the time!

Contact Information

2630 Barnett Rd.
Medford, OR 97504
(541) 789-4238 - Phone
(541) 789-5729 - Fax


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