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The People We Help Are A Lot Like You

Our patients are generous in sharing their stories so that you can have confidence in the type of care we provide. Take a moment to learn more about what you can expect at Asante.

Get the Best Care Possible—Right In Your Own BackYard

“Dr. Van Horne gave me back my life. He really was able to go ahead and affect my life with my wife, with my profession, and with my grandchildren. I can play with them, and run and play tag, and ride bicycles—things that I wasn’t able to do just two years ago.”

—Michael McAuley, arthroscopic hip surgery patient

Michael McAuley is a winemaker in Grants Pass who, until recently, thought he had to live with chronic hip pain. He assumed that someday he would have surgery but was too young to have it in the near future. Today Michael is pain-free thanks to minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery at Asante Three Rivers Medical Center. Michael is generous enough to share his experience so that others can appreciate the new technologies available for hip surgery.

“For almost 20 years I slept with pain and woke up every night because of it. Following surgery, I was without pain and I was walking stairs the next day. If I walked two flights of stairs before my operation, it hurt and I’d have to sit down, and for a young man that’s not where I wanted to be. It’s the best thing—besides marrying my wife—that I’ve ever done.

“Dr. Jim Van Horne was my surgeon and is now my friend. For three years before my operation, he managed my pain; we were in communication throughout that period of time, knowing that the longer I could postpone an operation, the better the chance of not having to redo it in 20 or 30 years. Well, technology changed, and within two years he was able to change my prognosis from pain management to pain elimination. Within two weeks I was walking miles—something that I hadn’t been able to do for several years, so it did make a difference.

“I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that we both approach our job with the same dedication and compassion for the end product—and that is a better life.

“I had the option of going north or south to get my hip done, and I decided to stay right here because I couldn’t get any better care anywhere else—and it was local and convenient. But it’s not just a convenience; it’s part of my quality of life to be able to walk to my doctor’s office. It’s close enough for me to be able to ride my bicycle, and I actually did walk to my doctor’s appointment post-operatively. Having the hospital within a stone’s throw of my home is very important to me.”


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As the largest healthcare provider in nine counties, Asante provides comprehensive medical care to more than 580,000 people throughout Southern Oregon and Northern California. Our facilities include Asante Ashland Community Hospital in Ashland, Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford, Asante Three Rivers Medical Center in Grants Pass, Asante Physician Partners and additional healthcare partnerships throughout the region.