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What Is Compounding?

Compounding is the art and science of making medications from scratch or changing a medication to meet a patient's specific needs. Some reasons to choose compounding include:

  • custom-tailoring a dosage to a person's unique body makeup
  • changing the way a medication is taken (pill form, liquid, topical, etc.)
  • adding flavors, especially for children
  • eliminating dyes, preservatives or other allergens
  • creating formulas that are not currently available on the medical market.

Rogue Valley Rx offers compounding services for special circumstances such as:

  • pain - for example, topical creams to avoid stomach upset
  • hospice - for example, combining multiple medications into one for easier dosing
  • sports medicine - for example, anti-inflammatory gels that include a numbing medicine
  • pediatrics - special flavoring such as bubble gum or chocolate silk pie
  • women's health - hormone therapy in easy-to-apply forms such as creams
  • men's health - for example, testosterone replacement medication in customized doses
  • dermatology - cosmetic creams, ointments and gels with or without fragrance

For more information, contact us at 541-789-5850.

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