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Internal Application Process

Requirements for Applying to Internal Position

Any employees who have been in their current position for less than six months (whether a recent hire or a transfer) must first let their managers know that they are applying for another position. This is required only when applying for a full- or part-time position. Employees applying for an on-call position to supplement a current position need not notify their managers.

This requirement is per Asante’s Employment/Re-employment policy (policy #400-HR-015). In this situation, the recruiter informs the employee that notifying his or her manager is required before we can forward the application for consideration. If the manager does not support the employee’s desire to apply for another position, the recruiter should contact Employee Relations.

Transfers or Promotions

  • When an internal candidate applies for a transfer or promotion, his or her past performance, qualifications, abilities, attendance, and any past corrective actions will be considered. The recruiting manager will review the employee’s personnel file and speak to the employee’s current manager to ascertain all relevant information about the employee’s potential fit.
  • In cases where an employee with less than six months’ tenure wishes to apply for another position, he or she must discuss the reasons with his or her current manager or with a representative of Human Resources (at the employee’s choice). If after such discussion the employee still wishes to apply but the manager does not support the employee’s desire, Human Resources staff will decide whether to allow the application to proceed.
  • If an internal applicant is selected for another internal position, the manager of the area that the employee is leaving may, due to critical staffing needs, delay the employee’s transfer.
  • As current employees apply for transfers and promotions, management is contacted to verify performance, skill, and attendance. Any staffing limitations or other circumstances that might affect a prospective transfer may also be discussed.

Internal Applicant Timeline

  • After you apply for an opportunity, you will receive an email response within 48 business hours notifying you that your application has been received. An e-mail will come from to the address provided on the application. To ensure that you receive a response, please add this e-mail address to your trusted senders.
  • After reviewing your application, a recruiter will determine if your experience aligns with the qualifications for the position. If you receive an e-mail that states you are not the right fit for a position, please do not be discouraged from applying for other positions you may be interested in or qualified for.
  • If after reviewing your application the recruiter would like to set up a time for a phone interview, you will receive an e-mail and/or a phone call to schedule the appointment.
  • During the phone interview, the recruiter will give you a timeline for a response to the interview. Depending on the position, hiring leader, and where other applicants are in process, the timeline will vary. You will receive a response regarding your phone interview by phone.
  • If you are selected to move forward in the process, you will be scheduled for an on-site interview. There may be several interviews for this stage, depending on the position and hiring leader. If you are selected for the position, the recruiter will make an offer and any additional requirements for the new position will be verified. If you are not selected for the position, you will receive a phone call from the recruiter, who can address any questions and concerns you may have.
  • If you have any questions during the process, please feel free to contact the Asante Talent Acquisition Team at (541) 789-4757, toll-free at (800) 255-7862, or by e-mail at

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