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Application Process FAQ for Internal Applicants

  • How do I know if the position is open to internal applicants?

Opportunities that are available only to internal applicants are not accessible through the regular log-in to the Asante Careers page.

  • How do I see those opportunities posted only for internal applicants?

Current employees should log in to myAsanteNet (from an Asante computer) or to UltiPro (from a personal or Asante computer) to see all opportunities.

  • Instructions for myAsanteNet:
    • On the main page, click on HR Central and then the Jobs tab.
    • Click the Current Job Openings text link to search for opportunities.
  • Instructions for UltiPro:
    • Log in to UltiPro and look for Web Links on the main page.
    • Click the Internal Job Openings link and then find the opportunity to search.
  • Do I have to apply online even if I am a current employee?

Yes, all applications posted on the Asante Careers page require an online application. The internal application, however, is much shorter than an external job application.

  • Do I have to apply from an Asante computer?

No, you can log in from a personal computer and access the application log-in through

  • What can I expect during the review and interview process?

Please see the Internal Applicant Timeline for detailed information.

  • Am I guaranteed an interview because I am an internal employee?

Many factors are considered prior to scheduling an interview for an internal applicant. Please refer to the Internal Applicant Timeline for detailed information.

  • Can I see the status of my application?

If you are a registered user, you can log in at any time and view the status of your application. You will also be made aware of updates by e-mail or phone.

  • How long after applying can I expect to hear from a recruiter?

After you apply for a position, you will receive a response via e-mail within 48 hours. Please refer to the Internal Applicant Timeline for a more detailed response about the process.

  • I submitted an application but have not received a response. What can I do?

You should receive an automated e-mail confirmation if your application was submitted online successfully. If you are a registered user, you can log in and check the status of your application using the Asante Careers page. You may also contact the Asante Talent Acquisition Team by phone at (541) 789-4757 or (800) 255-7862 or by e-mail at with any additional questions or concerns.

Please check your spam/junk folder, as sometimes the e-mails are routed there. To ensure that you receive all communications, you can add as a trusted sender.

  • How long do I have to be in my current position before I can apply for a transfer?

Generally, you must be in your position for six months. Please see policy #400-HR-015 (found as a link in UltiPro or in the Policy module on myAsanteNet), if you have less than six months’ tenure in the department.

  • If I am working in one department, can I pick up a second on-call position in another department?

If you are not currently working full-time, you may accept an on-call position to supplement your current position. You many also carry a secondary job so long as both positions do not equal more than a 1.0 FTE.

  • At what point in the application process is my current manager notified?

Per policy, if you have been in your current position less than six months, you must discuss the potential transfer or promotion with your current manager before your application can be forwarded for consideration. Please see the Internal Applicant Timeline or a more detailed response about the process. Once you submit an application, your current manager can be notified at any time. We encourage internal applicants to have the conversation with their current managers when they apply.

  • How long can my manager hold me after I have accepted another position?

The manager of the area that an employee is leaving may, due to critical staffing needs, delay the transfer of that employee. Such delays will not be unreasonably long.

  • Can I apply for a transfer if I have a corrective action?

Per policy #400-HR-015 (found as a link in Ultipro or in the Policy module on myAsanteNet), when an internal employee applies for a transfer or promotion, his or her past performance, qualifications, abilities, attendance, and any past corrective actions will be considered. The recruiting manager will review the employee’s personnel file and speak to the employee’s current manager to ascertain all relevant information about the employee’s potential fit.

  • Am I considered an internal applicant if I am a contract employee, travel nurse, student, or volunteer?

Although an integral part of Asante, unless you are paid by Asante through payroll you are not considered an internal applicant and would need to go through the external application process.

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