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Published on October 01, 2012

Flowers of Hope at Asante Imaging Inspire Women with Breast Cancer

The words, “You have breast cancer,” can be devastating for a woman. Suddenly, she is in a fight for her life. She will need great medical care and emotional support from family, loved ones, and sometimes from people they do not even know. That is what “Flowers of Hope” is all about.

Flowers of Hope are beautiful, 8X 8 inch stained glass panels lovingly made by volunteers as a token of hope and support for women who have breast cancer. When a woman gets a diagnosis at Asante Imaging at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center, she receives one of the glass panels.

“Our wish is to bring a little joy and hope into her life at a time when she could desperately use some,” says Jessy Carrara, owner of Light Garden Glass Art in Medford, where the panels are made.

People make the panels because they have, in some way, been touched by breast cancer. It may be someone they know, or they may be a cancer survivor.

Alicia Dabrowski with Flower of Hope at Asante Imaging

Alicia Dabrowski with Flowers of Hope panels at Asante Imaging

Alicia Dabrowski, a mammography technologist at Asante Imaging, has personally given many of the panels to women right after their diagnosis. “It’s very emotional every time we know someone has been diagnosed,” she explains. “It is touching how they light up when they get one of the flowers. There is so much going through their mind at that moment, and we are helping them to take that first step forward. They know that someone made this beautiful work of art just for them.”

Ruth Klaus was diagnosed with breast cancer at Asante Imaging. She has now been cancer free for five years. “When I found I had cancer, I looked at all the panels until I saw one that spoke to me,” she explains. “It became a true symbol of hope for me.” She still keeps her Flower of Hope on display in her home.

Ruth Klaus and Jessy Carrara make Flowers of Hope at Light Garden Glass Art

Ruth Klaus (r) and Jessy Carrara (r) work on glass panels at Light Garden Glass Art

Klaus met Dabrowski when she had her biopsy. Last year they made glass panels together at Carrara’s studio. Dabrowski's son Cole and daughter Saige made panels too.

Many employees at Asante Imaging have made Flowers of Hope.

Flowers of Hope was started 7 years ago by Jessy Carrara. She provides the resources for volunteers to make the panels. To learn how you can make of the Flowers of Hope, visit Light Garden Glass Art.

The Flowers of Hope program is also available in Grants Pass at Cutting Edge Stained Glass. For information in Grants Pass, call Michelle Yarborough at 541-471-2155

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