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Asante Health System forms New Physician Group

Asante Health System recently launched Asante Physician Partners, an all-new physician group created to meet the current and future needs of physicians and patients in the Rogue Valley.  Asante Physician Partners is working to recruit and retain doctors to develop the right balance of specialists and primary care physicians. In addition, doctors will be able to focus on their patients and have the comfort to know their day to day business is being managed by the Asante Physician Partners’ experienced physician practice managers.

“We are physician led and professionally managed,” said Sheri Bodager, VP and Executive Director for Asante Physician Partners.

Sheri BodagerSheri Bodager
Asante Physician Partners
VP and Executive Director

“Doctors can focus on what they do best—taking care of patients—and we can focus on the operations needed to provide that care.”


Bodager added that closely aligning physicians and the hospital encourages teamwork, which in turn will generate better patient outcomes and a better patient experience.

“Asante Physician Partners allows a physician to maintain much of the autonomy experienced in a private practice while enjoying the security of being an integrated member of the larger health system,” Bodager said.

It will also reduce the costs of care with a more efficient electronic medical record shared by doctors and the hospital.

“In the future there will be fewer dollars and higher expectations for healthcare,” Bodager said. “In response to the coming challenges, we believe doctors and hospitals can better serve patients in a collaboration model like Asante Physician Partners.”

Asante Physician Partners is a new corporation within Asante Health System. It is a sister organization to its two hospitals: Rogue Valley Medical Center and Three Rivers Community Hospital.

Physician Led

Dr. Martin with patient in downtown Grants Pass

Aaron Martin, DO, APP

Asante Physician Partners will be led by a physician Vice President /Executive Medical Director and an administrative VP/Executive Director with a governing board consisting of four physicians and four executive leaders. This balanced team makes Asante Physician Partners a physician led and professionally managed organization that will reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve patient care.

Physician partnerships may take many forms, from full employment to clinical integration with affiliated physicians to build teams to coordinate the delivery of care.

Meeting the Challenges of Health Reform

The challenges associated with the future of healthcare for hospitals and physician services is a combination of reduced reimbursement and different models of reimbursement, increased regulation, increased expenses, and a much higher demand for services. To meet these challenges, hospitals and physicians will need to work more closely together.

Asante Physician Partners creates partnerships with physicians who take a leadership role to drive the changes necessary to improve care, lower costs, and meet the healthcare challenges of the future. Asante believes it is essential to build collaboration between physicians and the teams within the hospital to improve the delivery of care. Through these partnerships, Asante will be able to track and analyze the sequence of patient care to determine opportunities to improve communication, reduce redundancy, achieve better patient outcomes, and enhance the patient care experience.

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