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Testimonials from past residents

Ashley Hendje – ARRMC

“I graduated from the University of Charleston School of Pharmacy in Charleston, West Virginia. After working as a retail pharmacist, I decided to pursue a PGY-1 residency because I wanted to expand my knowledge and skills in clinical pharmacy. My current areas of interest are internal medicine and ambulatory care. I chose Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center because of its progressive approach in pharmacy practice and the numerous rotations offered in internal medicine. After completion of my PGY-1 residency year, I plan to pursue a PGY-2 in an area of my interest or obtain a position as a clinical pharmacist. I am excited to experience the opportunities Asante has to offer as I continue on my journey of becoming a well-rounded clinical pharmacist."

Trevena Eshak – ARRMC

“I received my Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from Larkin University College of Pharmacy located in Miami, Florida. I decided to pursue PGY-1 training to advance my skills as a clinical pharmacist and to prepare to practice as a highly qualified independent practitioner able to provide excellent patient care in a variety of settings. My current areas of interest include ambulatory care, internal medicine, cardiology, and transitions of care. Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center PGY-1 residency program was my ultimate choice due to their innovative and nationally recognized medical and surgical services which provide numerous resources and opportunities for learning and gaining direct patient care experience. I especially like exploring the many specialties as Asante offers a variety of rotations and learning experiences including Oncology, NICU/Pediatrics, informatics, Infusion services, etc. Additionally, Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center is located in Southern Oregon, a region known for their natural wonders and outdoor adventures."

Rebecca Kimmel – ARRMC

“I earned my Doctorate of Pharmacy from Pacific University School of Pharmacy in Hillsboro, Oregon. I then pursued a PGY-1 residency to expand my clinical knowledge and prepare me to accomplish my career aspirations. I chose Asante based on the broad range of clinical, research and presentation opportunities offered.  Asante is unique in that the program caters to each resident’s interests and offers experience tailored to the fields of pharmacy we want to study. For example, once I indicated my interests, Asante ensured I was afforded the opportunity to pursue a teaching certificate as well as gain valuable insight into rural hospital functionality. Asante has been the perfect fit for me so far, and I am looking forward to continuing my growth as a pharmacist throughout this residency!"

Uyen Busse – ARRMC

"I received my Doctor of Pharmacy from Western New England University College of Pharmacy in Springfield, MA. After two years of working as a community pharmacist, I decided to pursue a PGY-1 pharmacy residency to broaden my clinical knowledge. My current clinical areas of interest include internal medicine, pain management, and cardiology. I chose Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center primarily because of how welcomed I felt during my interview day. In addition, the program provides a wide array of rotation opportunities in acute care, ambulatory care, and infusion services. I am excited to join an exceptional team of pharmacists and learn from all that Asante has to offer."

Sahar Tashakor – ATRMC

"I graduated from Pacific University School of Pharmacy in Hillsboro, Oregon.  I decided to pursue a PGY-1 residency at Asante to advance my clinical knowledge, expand my leadership skills in collaboration with the management team, and develop a skillset for teaching through academic and preceptorship opportunities.  Besides, the culture at Asante is a personable and welcoming one, which allows the resident to establish a strong professional and personal relationship with other pharmacists, pharmacy staff, and providers.  Currently, my interests lie in critical care, cardiology and teaching, and Asante offers all of that.  My goal following PGY-1 is to continue with a PGY-2 focused in critical care."