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Have you had an Asante moment?

Maybe it was a moment of compassion or healing, a small act of kindness or a defining moment of care that made a difference in your life.
Whether you’re a patient or a family member, a medical provider or an Asante employee, please take a few minutes to read these moments shared by others – and then share your own Asante moment.

Sam and Amy Carter

Central Point residents Sam and Amy Carter were excited when they learned they were having their fourth child. Then a complication arose when Lorenzo arrived a month early, requiring specialized care in the NICU at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center.

Sam and Amy share the emotional challenges they faced during the birth of Lorenzo, and the compassion and support they were shown by the nurses and doctors in the NICU, where they were treated like family.

Dan Bittick

Dan is an avid cyclocross competitor and was at the top of his game before he had a bike accident that resulted in a broken femur. Dan’s story focuses on the cycle of caring – from his emergency surgery at Asante Ashland Community Hospital, to the support from his cycling friends, from his physical therapy at Asante Outpatient Rehabilitation, to his full recovery.

  • Outreach Nurse Gives Heart and Sole

    Nurse Jason Brown went home from work at Asante Rogue Regional on July 2 in a pair of Vans slip-on shoes that were two sizes too big....Read more

    Asante Moments - Jason Brown, Nurse Gives Heart and Sole

Brian Day

Brian, a self-employed electrician for more than 50 years and a recent newlywed, experienced a critical “neurological short circuit.” Asante Physician Partners neurologist, Eric Lee, MD, quickly diagnosed Brian with a life-threatening condition known as myasthenia gravis.


Thanks to Dr. Lee’s quick action, Brian has his spark back and is enjoying life with his new bride, Sue.

Shane Oakley

Shane and Jenna are a husband and wife team that enjoys team roping.

When they learned Shane had a leaking heart valve that needed immediate replacement, they were grateful for the experienced care team at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center.

The Montague, California resident’s story is a reminder of the importance of team work – in family, in health care and in life.


Click the image to watch Shane's Asante Moment

  • Abigail and Paisley

    I went to Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center to deliver my baby. I was very scared and in extreme pain. I had been to the hospital a couple times that week due to contractions, but I wasn't ready to deliver. When I was finally ready... Read more

  • Not Just Surviving a Stroke, But Thriving

    After a stroke, the simplest daily tasks or remembering what month it is can become challenging. Frank Lang knows first-hand that life-saving treatment and long-term recovery depends on fast action. Read more

  • The Athlete’s Knee: Healing Where It Hurts

  • It was a critical play and game played by Southern Oregon University Raiders against top-ranked Carroll Saints on November 29, 2014. With just 4:38 left in the game the Raiders went ahead with a 36-yard liner from quarterback Austin Dodge to wide receiver Sean McShane who overcame pass interference and made the grab while falling backward in the snow-covered end zone. A play that helped the Raiders win their subsequent first-ever NAIA Football National Championship. This exceptional play almost never happened. Read more

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A Patient’s Best Friend

Health care is going to the dogs! Don’t be surprised to see a wagging tail and furry ears in the halls of Asante Ashland Community Hospital. Read more

Picking Up A Spare 

An improved bowling score came from an unexpected source for Klamath Falls resident, Harry “Woody” Gamble...Read more

Asante Moments - Woody Gamble, back to bowling

Ronald Johnson

“You see, I had walked into the imaging center not knowing that my heart was in AFib. I didn’t know what AFib was, but the Asante imaging person did. By the time I got to the ER my resting heart rate was 180 and rising. I was dying and I didn’t know it. But the right people did know and they reversed that outcome.” Read More

Ronald Johnson, AFib survivor

The Athlete’s Knee: Healing Where It Hurts

It was a critical play and game played by Southern Oregon University Raiders against top-ranked Carroll Saints on November 29, 2014.

Read more

Successful Surgery - Gary Klein

Dr. William Faught performed two separate surgeries on both of my femoral arteries that were clogged. Both surgeries were successful: no more pain, great doctor, great hospital, great staff, and honestly great food. That place is professional, and these people care. Thumbs up is all I can say. Thank you Asante.
Gary Klein

Employee Moment: Sean Connolly, ITS

I'm a Canadian and I've worked in IT for over 15 years. I married into Asante as my mother in-law is a hospice nurse at Asante. I love helping people and working with computers, alleviating their related frustrations. Read More


Family Birth Center - Jennifer Dobbs

I gave birth to my fourth child on March 30, 2015 at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center via C-section, and I am pleased to say it was one of the best health care experiences I have ever had. This hospital seems to be filled with incredibly professional, caring people, from the housekeeping and room service staff to the nurses, lactation consultant, and physicians. Unfortunately, I cannot remember exactly which nurse/CNA provided me with each wonderful experience, but those who made my stay so comfortable were Keilah, Brandy, Cathy, Sue, Breann, and Mary. I truly apologize to those whose names I neglected to write down, but please know I am eternally grateful. I would not hesitate to choose this hospital again, and I would happily recommend it to family/friends. I especially want to thank the night shift nurse who finger-fed my baby when I was too tired to keep trying. That one incident will remain with me and is indicative of the amazing people employed at the Family Birth Center.
Jennifer Dobbs

Mary Lou's Story

Mary Lou Latimer was on the phone with her sister when the first symptoms of a stroke appeared: she was having difficulty speaking. Watch Her Story

Mary Lou Latimer of Grants Pass survived a stroke thanks to the advanced care provided at Asante Three Rivers Medical Center

Love is Never Lost

About two years ago a patient came into my office for a procedure. While I was doing her registration she broke into tears; she stated that she had just lost her spouse. I told her about a picture I found that stated, “Love is never lost” and how it gave me a lot of comfort. I had a loved one that I had lost, too. She asked me to write down the saying and I did on a blue Post It note. Two years later, she came into my office and said she wanted to thank me. I asked what for. She opened her wallet and showed me the blue Post It and said she kept it close to her for the past two years. We hugged!

Love is never lost

A Grateful Heart

"I just feel happy," says Robisch, 83. "I just feel a lot better. You know, I'm not going to be the one running the marathon or going on the treadmill or all that, but I'm going to be a lot better off than I was." Read More

Sally Robisch, Asante's first TAVR patient

TomoTherapy Trumps Prostate Cancer

Luis Aguirre was flying high. A successful international sales and marketing manager, he was living the good life at home and abroad. The last thing he expected was cancer. Read more

Youth Volunteer - Kayleigh Nemeth

I have been a part of Asante Three Rivers Medical Center’s Youth Volunteer Program for about four months. I started the program to gain experience in a medical program before I went to college. Looking into a medical career, I had decided it may be a good idea to learn more about how a medical environment works, and what it requires. I am glad I found the program, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to learn and volunteer. Being a volunteer requires a lot of time and dedication: it is just like working at a job. You need to show up on time, wear the required uniform, be respectful, and listen to staff. I quickly learned in the nursing department that there is no slacking. You must always be ready to help, and the staff members’ primary concern is the patient. While there to learn, the CNAs expect me to be efficient and treat the patients with respect and courtesy. I have learned a lot about patient care being in the hospital. I have also learned a lot about how to interact with patients. The Youth Volunteer Program is great at getting students into different areas such as the emergency department and surgery, which provides the opportunity to observe an area of the hospital not readily available to the public. I have also been able to help in the community. Not only am I helping patients and community members, I also help outside of the hospital in events such as Art Along the Rogue. This allows me to see how the hospital gets involved throughout an entire town. The workers at the hospital are great teachers and are very fun to be around, it makes me look forward to going to work. I am very excited to continue in the program and explore more with the program. Next year I will be in college, and being in the hospital has pushed me towards a career in medicine. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn alongside physicians and nurses, and the find out what it really takes to be a part of the medical field. Kayleigh Nemeth

The Chain of Survival

Just one day into a five-day bicycling trip in Crater Lake National Park with her son’s Boy Scout troop, and Gloria Ferguson was in deep trouble. Read more

Stop a Heart Attack Before it Strikes

Listen to your body. That’s Sharel LeMasters’ mantra after she felt suspicious chest pains and knew something wasn’t quite right. Read more

Cardiac Rehabilitation is an Important Key to Recovery

For Greg Rich, his marriage, his faith, and cardiac rehabilitation helped him get back his life and return to work. Read more

Living a Balanced Life

Many of us have experienced dizziness at some time in our life, but imagine living every day feeling dizzy and nausea – for 30 years! That’s been the reality for Jackie Dwyer, who is now retraining her brain to get back on steady ground. Read more

Jackie Dwyer

The ABCs of Asante’s School Nurse Program

For many kids, it’s the school nurse who is the important link between well-being and academic success. Read more

Not Just Surviving a Stroke, But Thriving

After a stroke, the simplest daily tasks or remembering what month it is can become challenging. Frank Lang knows first-hand that life-saving treatment and long-term recovery depends on fast action. Read more

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