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Harry Woody Gamble - TAVR patient returns to bowling

Harry "Woody" Gamble

An improved bowling score came from an unexpected source for Klamath Falls resident, Harry “Woody” Gamble.

With a history of heart disease, Woody saw his cardiologist, George Kubac, MD, on a regular basis. So on March 16, 2016 when the 79 year old suddenly passed out after a night of bowling, he knew it meant trouble.

After hospitalization at Sky Lakes Medical Center in Klamath Falls, Dr. Kubac referred Woody to the TAVR program at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center.

TAVR – short for transcatheter aortic valve replacement – is similar to a stent placed in an artery. The TAVR approach delivers a fully collapsible replacement valve through a catheter and then is expanded into the existing space of the aortic valve.

Woody met with TAVR program coordinator Angel Cross, interventional cardiologist Junyang Lou, MD, and Asante cardiothoracic surgeon, Charles Carmeci, MD, to determine if he met the criteria for the TAVR procedure.

He did, and so on April 21 the model railroader and former school teacher had the minimally invasive surgery at Asante Rogue Regional. He left the hospital two days later, and two days after that he was back walking the aisles of a local store with normal breathing and without the heaviness in his chest.

“I was amazed to learn that a procedure like TAVR is available in little old Medford,” said Woody. “Now, I can’t be certain, but I think the TAVR surgery helped improve my bowling scores!”

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