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We are actively recruiting for all the positions posted on our website, and our team is excited to speak with candidates regarding these opportunities. 

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Hiring Process Adjustments 

We are operating in a work from home model to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community. While social distancing measures will prohibit some in-person recruiting activities, our team continues to innovate with alternatives to meet the staffing needs of our hospitals and community.

Our recruiting process has shifted to using more virtual interactions as a substitute for in-person meetings. For example, most job interviews will now occur in the form of a phone call or an online meeting. For the safety of new hires, our social distancing policies extend to the onboarding process too. New employees now receive virtual orientation instead of class-based learning.

Virtual Interviewing Tips and Tricks

Asante is still actively hiring healthcare professionals for all levels during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, to help keep everyone safe and healthy, we have made some tweaks to our interview process, creating a virtual interview process. Here are some tips and tricks on how to prepare for our 2-way virtual interview process.

Our recruiters may ask you to complete two virtual interviews (a one-way virtual interview and two-way virtual interview) depending on the type of role and screening status of the position you are being considered for. For many of our positions, we may invite you to complete a one-way virtual interview – which helps us to know you better. This is one of our first steps in our screening process and, if invited, you will receive instructions along with tips on how to complete our 1-way video interview.

If you are invited to an interview with the hiring leaders and/or staff, we are currently using a virtual method that has replaced many of our in-person interviews. Here are some common tips and tricks to help prepare you for a successful 2-way interview:

  1. Test your technology! Although technology can be unreliable, it is always best to try and prepare your equipment to prevent any awkward face freezes or audio mishaps! To do this, our virtual partners, Hirevue, has resources available to test your equipment prior to your interview along with instructions upon invite. If the video interview is unsuccessful, the hiring leader will call you to complete the interview over the phone – so have your phone muted and nearby.
  2. Make sure the time you agree to is one that will allow you to be alone with no background distractions (silent your phone!), light reflections, noise or disruptions. Remember, this is your first meeting with the hiring leader - and although you aren’t in their office, you’ll want to create an environment that closely resembles one as if you were in person – clear, quiet and focused. 
  3. Dress to impress – and for success! As explained in the above step, try to match how you would present yourself in an in-person interview – business casual wear. Although we live in a virtual world, you can project your professionalism through a video interview.  
  4. Virtual identity check – remember how you present yourself to the hiring leader and/or committee will be used to evaluate you as the best candidate for the position. Be sure to doublecheck your email and any usernames to ensure they are professional. 
  5. Virtual body language has replaced the old handshake! However, many of our body languages remain the same. To exude confidence in your virtual interview, sit up straight, speak clearly and remember to smile! Although difficult at times, try and focus on the web cam to speak directly to the hiring leader. 
  6. Show up prepared! As with any interview setting, virtual or in-person, show up with questions you may have about the position and prep how you will answer common interview questions such as; why are you interested in this role? 

View more tips and tricks for interviewing here.

Medical Volunteers

Please contact us if you are a licensed healthcare professional with a desire to serve during this public health crisis.

We are currently seeking ED and critical care RNs, as well as Respiratory Care Practitioners. Please join our COVID-19 response effort to share your interest in serving our community. 

Join our COVID-19 Response Effort

All medical professionals who have a desire to volunteer in the fight against COVID-19 should consider registering with the State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Oregon (SERV-OR). As a health care volunteer, you will be notified of opportunities to volunteer wherever the need is greatest at the time. This might be in a triage tent, a clinic, or a hospital near your home or miles away. You may even be asked to care for the people directing the response. Participation is always voluntary. You are under no obligation to respond as a registered member of SERV-OR.

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See what our employees have to say

Melanie Lyda, RN – Asante Three Rivers Medical Center

The best thing about working for Asante is the people I have the honor of meeting every day, from my coworkers to my patients and their friends and families. Our community is filled with amazing people and the atmosphere at Asante is always friendly and welcoming. Melanie Lyda, RN – Asante Three Rivers Medical Center

See what our employees have to say

What I love about being a part of Asante is the relationship that I have developed with employees and the communities we serve. Asante has been extremely supportive in my career development and it is rewarding to utilize my skills in giving back to the community. Karline Kleker, Manager of Practice Operations, Asante White City Family Medicine & Urgent Care