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Employee Referral Award Program

Asante's referral program rewards current employees who refer amazing talent to our organization. Referring has never been so easy!

Our dedicated employees know some amazing people, and we want to know your esteemed colleagues too! If you are currently working at Asante and refer a friend/colleague to an open position, you may be eligible to earn a referral bonus award.

Please review our eligibility requirements and the current openings which are eligible for a referral bonus to determine what positions qualify.

Current Award Values

Clinical Support workers giving each other a high five. Housekeeper in hospital room.

Clinical Roles

Clinical Roles may pay anywhere from $500-$2,000* for EACH qualified referral we hire!

Non-Clinical Roles

Non-Clinical Roles may pay anywhere from $250-$500* for EACH qualified referral we hire!

* Bonus Awards are subject to applicable fees and taxes. Bonuses are offered to current employees only. Not all open positions offer referral awards. Please refer to our current job openings list to determine which opportunities offer employee referral awards.

Who qualifies to receive a payout?

Eligibility Requirements

Not all Asante employees are eligible to earn an referral award. Leaders and members of HR are not eligible. Not all positions offer a referral award. View jobs that currently offer a referral award.

  • Position must be designated as offering an employee referral bonus.
  • Referring employee must be an active employee.
  • The referred applicant/candidate must not be known to Asante (must not be a previous applicant, candidate, previous employee, student, traveler, etc.).
  • The person referred must be hired into a position offering an employee referral. Payout will be included in the bi-weekly paycheck once referring employee is validated and approved. Timing of payout may be vary, depending on department.

To find out more, please view Asante's current Employee Referral Award Program Policy.

Which positions offer an employee referral award?

Not all jobs will offer an employee referral bonus. To determine if a position offers an employee referral bonus, check the job posting. The posting will provide details of the employee referral award. View jobs that currently have an associated referral bonus.

We appreciate your help in finding the best talent to join our team! Remember, the referred candidate must be not known to Asante. For example, you will not qualify for an employee referral bonus if the person referral is a previous employee, or a clinical student.

    Can I refer anyone and earn a referral award?

    While we are appreciative of your support towards Asante in our search to find the best talent, there are limitations as to what qualifies for an award. While the position must be offering an employee referral award, the referral also must be not known to Asante. For example, you will not qualify for an employee referral if the employee referral is a previous employee, or a current clinical student.

    How do I refer someone to Asante?

    There are multiple ways to refer someone to Asante!

    The person you refer can list your name on their application or you can send your referral information to our Talent Acquisition team today by filling out the form below.

    I have more questions - who can I ask?

    Our Talent Acquisition team is happy to answer any questions you have. You can also email your questions or referrals (with contact information) to asante.employment@asante.org.

    When will I receive my award?

    The bonus award payment will be included in the paycheck as soon as the timelines have been met and you are eligible for payout.

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