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Begin & Build Your Nursing Career with Asante

You’ll find a wide variety of nursing opportunities at Asante’s three hospitals and more than 40 clinics. Whether you desire the diversity of patient conditions in Medical-Surgical, the fast pace of the emergency department or to stretch your skills in the region’s only neo-natal intensive care unit, Asante has a home for you.

Asante is locally operated and governed, meaning leadership here cares about their employees. They care about you. Your work-life balance. Your safety. Your career goals.

Check out our many nursing units at Asante Three Rivers Medical Center in Grants Pass, Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford and Asante Ashland Community Hospital in Ashland. If you don’t see a job post representing your interest and skill, contact a nurse recruiter for the most current information, recommendations and support throughout your application process.

Behavioral Health and Psychiatric Care Units


Asante Rogue Regional is home to the only inpatient Behavioral Health Unit in nine counties in Southern Oregon and Northern California. We use a widely recognized trauma-informed approach to mental health care for our patients and have created a resiliency program called team CARE for our employees. We've recently expanded our unit to 24 beds with a beautiful garden view. BHU nurses are skilled in proper assessment and in safely addressing and monitoring a patient's behavioral condition. While we prefer nurses who have experience with mental health, we often consider nurses who have acute care experience and a strong compassion for psychiatric patients.


Our Psychiatric Care Unit is located within the Emergency Department at Asante Rogue Regional and provides safety and treatment for patients experiencing a mental health crisis and presenting in the ED. The PCU offers an ED experience for nurses who like a fast-paced work environment with the added component of using psychiatric nursing skills. Our nurses often float from our BHU to our PCU. Experienced psychiatric nurses demonstrate strong interpersonal skills, empathy and resilience.

Cardiac Services

In addition to our inpatient Cardiac units, Asante routinely has nursing opportunities in our procedural areas as well:

Cardiovascular Recovery

CVR serves as a recovery unit for angiograms, stents, and pacemakers. Asante’s RNS in CVR observe and care for our patients immediately after undergoing a cardiac procedure. Additional responsibilities for our CVR nurses include admitting and prepping patients for either outpatient or inpatient admissions and educating patients and their families on post-procedural care. Asante’s CVR nurses are highly skilled, communicate strongly and enjoy working collaboratively with our interdepartmental cardiac teams. 

Cath Lab

Asante’s heart and vascular program is home to the region’s first open-heart surgery program and first cardiac catheterization laboratory. As one of the first STEMI programs in the country, our expertise and groundbreaking cardiovascular program and services have been recognized by organizations such as the American Heart Association and Journal of Cardiology.

Ranking number one in the nation for heart care, Asante offers an exciting career opportunity for you to expand your cardiovascular knowledge and become part of a highly reputable team. With state-of-the-art facilities and available cardiac services, you will have the opportunity to work with a high-performing interdisciplinary cardiac team. Nurses who transition to the Cath Lab have excelled in critical care and are eager to apply their strong knowledge and expertise in procedural care. They will utilize those essential skills while continuing to learn the expansive idiosyncrasies of cardiac, electrophysiology neuro, radiology and vascular interventional procedures. They will have the unique ability to sedate patients, monitor hemodynamics of the patients and assist as a scrub with the physicians.  

Critical Care

Asante’s Critical Care units include intensive, intermediate and coronary, where you’ll find a nurse staffing ratio of 2:1 or 1:1 in an effort to provide the highest quality care possible. You’ll work with a multidisciplinary team to create individualized care plans for patients with strokes, gastrointestinal bleeds, renal failure, respiratory distress, intracranial pressure, advanced ventilation, trauma, coronary bypass artery grafts, valve replacements, aneurysm repairs, heart failure, ventricular assist devices, cardiac arrest. A Critical Care nurse demonstrates strong organizational skills and a willingness to adjust and shift priorities in response to a patient’s changing acuity.

Emergency Department and Clinical Decision Unit

Emergency Department

With Level II and Level III trauma hospitals, Asante’s emergency departments offer nurses a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. You’ll collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to treat patients of all ages who present with a wide variety of urgent conditions. The average staffing ratio ranges from 1:1 to 1:4, depending on patients’ acuity. ED nurses are skilled in multiple clinical areas, maintain composure in high-stress situations and demonstrate flexibility and time management skills. This is a job for those who have strong experience in acute care, preferably experience within emergency nursing and/or Critical Care. 

Clinical Decision Unit

Asante recently opened a Clinical Decision Unit at Asante Rogue Regional’s Emergency Department for patients who require additional observation for up to 24 hours prior to discharge or inpatient admission. The CDU is often referred to as an extended ED observation unit and allows ED physicians to determine the safest route of continued care. CDU nurses work closely with physicians, are highly skilled and are successful in providing individualized patient care.


Medical-Surgical (aka, Med-Surg) includes cardiac, general medicine, post-surgical, neuro-ortho and medical oncology units.  The average nurse staffing ratio is 1:4 or 1:5 with skilled CNAs to support. Here you’ll find a wide variety of diagnoses, along with complex diseases and conditions, giving you broad experiences and exposure to new challenges. Med-Surg is often referred to as a foundational area when considering acute care nursing as it allows you to expand your skills through building a strong nursing knowledge base. An experienced Med-Surg nurse offers advanced organization and prioritization, teamwork, coordination, assessment and strong communication skills.

Nursing Resource Team

Asante Three Rivers and Asante Rogue Regional offer nursing resource teams, or “float pools,” in which you’ll work wherever you’re needed based on staffing levels on any given day. NRT provides a perfect opportunity to learn the inner workings of the hospitals, meet staff from a variety of departments and gain skills across the spectrum of care. In one shift, you could start with a cardiac patient, float to a post-operative patient, then end your day caring for a patient with renal failure. These nurses earn an additional $3.50 an hour for the required flexibility and additional knowledge requirements. Typically, we consider nurses who have experience in an acute care environment.

Outpatient Services

Wound Care

The Advanced Wound Center at Asante Rogue Regional and the Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine at Asante Ashland Community offer comprehensive, advanced treatment for chronic, non-healing wounds. Wound care nurses demonstrate excellent communication skills and compassion and patience with their patients, who may feel scared and defeated and unwilling to follow through on treatment plans.


Asante’s Hospice program guides families through the dying process with compassion and dignity. We make it possible for a loved one to remain at home in the last days by teaching family members how to provide necessary care and comfort. Our hospice team offers emotional, social, spiritual and physical support for the whole family. Successful hospice nurses are skilled in pain management, are good listeners for both patients and their loved ones, and remain compassionate and calm under pressure.


Asante has recently opened two new cancer centers with the latest imaging and radiation oncology technology to ensure our patients can receive all the services they need under one roof. There are many nursing opportunities within our cancer centers, including cancer clinic RN, infusion RN, radiation oncology RN and nurse navigators. 

While the requirements and duties depend on the role itself, our mission stays the same. To provide excellent care to our patients. Nurses who work within cancer services enjoy working and collaborating with a multidisciplinary team, offer strong communication skills, exhibit critical thinking skills and is passionate about what they do.

Professional Nursing/Non-Bedside

Are you interested in expanding your career and perhaps stepping away from bedside nursing? If so, Asante may be the perfect match for you as we offer a variety of professional and/or non-bedside roles. These nursing roles are critical to the organization as they support the overall care and services that we provide here at Asante. Such nursing roles may include: discharge planners, IT roles, nursing triage, clinic nurses, utilization review nurses, clinical documentation specialists, nursing educators, house supervisors, coordination of our patient transfers and admissions, leadership and much more!

Surgical Services

Asante offers a wide range of nursing opportunities amongst our surgical services specialties. Our surgery services are provided at all three of our hospital locations, including our outpatient surgery center, located next door to our Asante Three Rivers Medical Center, in Grants Pass.

Whether you are wanting an opportunity to work within a smaller surgical department that requires less call or perhaps you are passionate about working in a faster-paced, level II trauma designation that offers the latest robotics, Asante has all the options!

Depending on location, Asante performs anywhere between 2,500 - 10,000 cases per year. While the procedures may vary by location, overall, Asante routinely performs general, vascular, total joint/orthopedics, trauma, GYN, ENT, urology, cardiothoracic, bariatric, trauma, retina cases and more. The surgery departments that Asante routinely staffs for are Operating Room, Extended Floor Recovery, Short Stay Unit, Post Anesthesia Care Unit and Endoscopy. While the requirements differ depending on the surgical unit, a typical surgical nurse will offer great attention to detail, exhibit critical thinking and strong communication skills in addition to being very adaptive.

Women’s and Children’s

In addition to family birth centers at all three of our hospitals, Asante Rogue Regional also operates a pediatric wing and the only Level III neonatal intensive care unit between Eugene and Sacramento.

Family Birth Center and Maternal Child

Asante puts the wishes of Mom and her physician first. Depending on the hospital, we offer:

  • A traditional delivery, water birth, midwife-assisted delivery, scheduled Caesarean or, when safe, a vaginal birth after Caesarean.
  • The renowned Eat, Sleep, Console method to help new parents care for babies who may be suffering from neonatal abstinence syndrome.
  • Education and assistance in breastfeeding. Asante Three Rivers was the first hospital in Oregon to be designated Baby-Friendly. Asante Ashland Community soon followed suit, and Asante Rogue Regional expects to earn the designation this year.
  • Oregon’s first Obstetrics Emergency Department, staffed 24/7 by an obstetrician to handle any emergency.


Asante Rogue Regional operates the only dedicated children’s unit between Eugene and Redding and includes pediatric surgery, orthopedics, neurology, hematology, nephrology, oncology and intermediate care. Our team is closely partnered with Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, as our intensive care consultants have been available through the OHSU Telemedicine Network for over 10 years. Pediatric nurses successfully build relationships with patients and their families, offer emotional support and maintain strong resiliency. The Pediatrics Department typically considers nurses who are experienced in an acute pediatric setting. 

NICU and Special Care Nursery

Using the best technology and highly skilled nurses, Asante Rogue Regional’s NICU provides lifesaving medical care to babies born as early as 24 weeks and weighing only a pound. Our Neonatal Transport Team travels to nine referral hospitals throughout Southern Oregon and Northern California to bring at-risk infants to Asante’s NICU. Our nurse-to-baby ratios range from 1:1 to 1:3, depending on the patients’ acuity. Experienced NICU nurses demonstrate advanced critical thinking, strong interpersonal skills, empathy for patients and their families, passion for their specialty, a good understanding of a newborn’s needs -- both physiological and psychological -- and the ability to work well with a multi-disciplinary team. While we prefer nurses with direct experience in NICU, we often consider nurses who have experience in an acute care environment within Pediatrics, Maternal Child or Obstetrics.

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Melanie Lyda, RN – Asante Three Rivers Medical Center

The best thing about working for Asante is the people I have the honor of meeting every day, from my coworkers to my patients and their friends and families. Our community is filled with amazing people and the atmosphere at Asante is always friendly and welcoming. Melanie Lyda, RN – Asante Three Rivers Medical Center

See What Our Employees Have to Say

What I love about being a part of Asante is the relationship that I have developed with employees and the communities we serve. Asante has been extremely supportive in my career development and it is rewarding to utilize my skills in giving back to the community. Karline Kleker, Manager of Practice Operations, Asante White City Family Medicine & Urgent Care