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Education & Professional Development

Explore continuing education and professional development opportunities at Asante, a workplace where you can build skills and advance your career.

Employee Onboarding

Discover how Asante’s orientation for new employees welcomes you to the organization and prepares you to thrive in your role.

Asante’s Programs & Services

Thanks to Asante’s Organizational and Leadership Development Department, you’ll have opportunities to participate in classes and trainings on a wide range of topics. Grow as a professional through:

      • Annual employee engagement and communication fairs
      • Leadership development, which offers one-on-one coaching and classes for new and experienced leaders
      • Job shadowing opportunities
      • Group retreats
      • Professional development classes on emotional intelligence, conflict management, project management, running effective meetings and other topics
      • Team-building programs that focus on trust, communication, accountability and other areas

Rewards & Recognition

Enjoy a workplace that celebrates your success with programs such as:

Committees & Councils

Your opinion, expertise and leadership can help shape the future of Asante. Collaborate with your peers when you serve on an employee committee or council.

Clinical Education

Advance patient care through clinical trials research, and stay up-to-date on the latest practices in your field through:

      • Conferences
      • Continuing Medical Education (CME) seminars
      • Professional certifications

CME Program

Attend CME offerings at Asante to enhance your abilities to care for patients. Staff choose the topics. The program offers:

      • Courses
      • Lectures
      • Performance improvement opportunities (PI CME)

Job Shadowing Experience

Our job shadowing program is for high school students age 16 and over and college students who are not yet enrolled in a health care-related education program, but who have an interest in pursuing a health care education and career. Please email your completed application to

On-the-Job Training for New Nurses

Apply what you learned during nursing school while enjoying the support of Asante’s expert providers. Learn more about our program for new nurses.

Off Site Learning Opportunities

If your department asks you to attend an educational program or conference, Asante will pay your expenses.

Financial Assistance

If you want to attend a conference, seminar or program, you may qualify for financial assistance or an education grant.

Tuition Reimbursement

Develop skills for your current position or a future role at Asante. After a year of full- or part-time employment, you can take advantage of our generous, tax-free tuition reimbursement program. The program can help cover the cost of tuition, fees and loans for approved classes and certification preparation courses.

University Partnership Program

If you’re thinking about going to college or completing your degree, a great place to start your research is with our university partners. Through our University Partnership Program, Asante employees can receive discounted tuition and complimentary transcript evaluations. Learn more about Asante’s university partners:

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See What Our Employees Have to Say

Melanie Lyda, RN – Asante Three Rivers Medical Center

The best thing about working for Asante is the people I have the honor of meeting every day, from my coworkers to my patients and their friends and families. Our community is filled with amazing people and the atmosphere at Asante is always friendly and welcoming. Melanie Lyda, RN – Asante Three Rivers Medical Center

See What Our Employees Have to Say

What I love about being a part of Asante is the relationship that I have developed with employees and the communities we serve. Asante has been extremely supportive in my career development and it is rewarding to utilize my skills in giving back to the community. Karline Kleker, Manager of Practice Operations, Asante White City Family Medicine & Urgent Care