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About this Provider

Glen O'Sullivan, M.D. joined Ashland Orthopaedic Associates in 1999 as a general orthopedic surgeon specializing in spine surgery.

Born in the U.S.A., Dr. O'Sullivan graduated from England's Wimbledon College in 1979. He received his medical degree from St. Thomas' Medical School, London, England in 1984. His U.S. training included orthopedic residency at Stanford University Medical Center, which he completed in 1991. Dr. O'Sullivan completed his Spinal Surgery Fellowship Training in 1992 at Sir Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, Oswestry, Shropshire, United Kingdom.

He served from 1992-1999 as co-director of spine service and from 1995-1999 as Chief of Trauma Service, Division of Orthopedic Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine in Stanford, California. From 1992-1999 he was also Director of Spine Service, Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital, California.

Dr. O'Sullivan holds medical licenses in Oregon and California. He is board certified in orthopedic surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Surgery.

Patient Experiences

March 17, 2021
The staff were all friendly,perfessional
March 15, 2021
Front staff super efficient
March 15, 2021
March 12, 2021
The staff is friendly and efficient and the care I get is always outstanding. Dr. O'Sullivan has been my orthopedic surgeon for 21 years and he's simply the best!! He listens, he's extremely efficient and he cares. I wouldn't go to anyone else!!!
March 12, 2021
Tracey, Dr. O'Sullivan's MA, is outstanding. She patiently responded to all my messages. I really appreciate her.
March 12, 2021
Dr. O' performed surgery on my lower back. He explained that it takes six months, sometimes up to a year to recover. I'm finding this to be true as the recovery has been slow but steady. Some days I feel great and some days not so good. BUT that's because of the arthritis.
March 10, 2021
Dr. O'Sullivan and the nurse Tricia. Also, Amanda at the front desk was very good.
March 08, 2021
The staff is excellent. The peri operative nurses etc. we're especially helpful
February 22, 2021
Dr O'Sullivan was open to my ideas of what treatment I should receive.
February 22, 2021
The entire staff including PA& nursing
February 12, 2021
They all were.
February 11, 2021
It was all very well done and I appreciated the excellent service. Jerry
February 04, 2021
The nurse for Dr. O'Sullivan is always very friendly and professional. I believe her name is Tracey.
January 31, 2021
Do Surgeons get any better than Glen O' Sullivan? No, I've been seeing him for about 5 years and he operated on my back (L1-L4) in 2016 Glen expertise and professionalism is balanced with the great attributes of humor and being personable Excellent Office Personnel are OK, but the nurses are outstanding
January 28, 2021
Dr. O'Sullivan is the best surgeon. He's a good man... BUT he's always too busy...He has a new assistant that helped with my back surgery who is also a wonderful doctor. Tracy and Amanda have been very good to me.
January 27, 2021
Dr O'Sullivan was outstanding! Probably the best doctor I've seen in a very long time
January 27, 2021
Dr. O'Sullivan exceeded my expectations. He was charming, intelligent, and thoughtful in his responses concerning my case. I'd never been to an orthopedist before, so I was concerned that he might jump to surgery as a response to my physical issues. He did not. He gave me several options, and involved me in making decisions concerning my care. I very much appreciated this. He also had a sense of humor, which is a rare quality in doctors.
January 25, 2021
It is hard to identify one person when they were all outstanding!
January 25, 2021
I am deeply grateful for Dr. O'Sullivan and his terrific staff. I just can imagine where I would be if I had not had the care and concern that has helped me through all of my pain. I am able to walk mostly without pain and live my days mostly without pain. Life is worth living again.How can I say thank you for that. With the deepest gratitude to Asante Orthopedics.
January 25, 2021
Dr. O'Sullivan recalled my case from three ears ago and produced x-rays for comparison with the present
January 25, 2021
Super staff
January 25, 2021
The whole office is great. They always get back to me the same day with answers to my questions. I've never had to wait more than 5 to 10 minutes In the office. And they are always friendly and courteous.I've been with Doctor O'Sullivan for over 7 years His reputation preceded him. I've had 3 major surgeries with Doctor O' Sullivan, lumber spine, cervical spine, and knee replacement without incident. I would have no problem recommending Ashland Orthopedics or Doctor O'Sullivan..
January 23, 2021
Drs. [ ] and Glen O'Sullivan are top north medical practitioners. We have total confidence in their professionalism. What's more, they are kind and decent folks, a pleasure to visit.
January 17, 2021
Glen O'Sullivan
January 08, 2021
Dr Glen OSullivan is the best! He goes above and beyond to make sure I was well taken care of and provided me all the resources to make sure I was gonna be ok. I couldn't have gotten through my surgery without him and the staff at Asland hospital
January 08, 2021
I liked that I was able to get some answers with Dr OSullivan
December 28, 2020
The whole staff at Asante Orthopedics Ashland were outstanding
December 24, 2020
December 24, 2020
They all are great they were very helpful and got be in right away
December 21, 2020
We talked about all the options and I requested PT which they sent to me.
December 19, 2020
Everyone I have dealt with has been professional and understanding of my health and personal situation in regards to my pain.
December 17, 2020
Good service friendly staff
December 10, 2020
The support staff and the doctor have been excellent!
December 07, 2020
All staff was excellent, easy to communicate with and very helpful
December 03, 2020
Dr Osullivan
November 30, 2020
Everyone was very pleasant and quick to answer my questions.
November 22, 2020
I felt he understood that my pain management had been mismanaged in the past (not by my PC) and he ordered tests and had ideas for a treatment plan. Most importantly he stressed and I agree that we need to leave things stat and then perhaps some injections could be done for diagnostics. That way he could do other things to help with the chronic severe pain but follow a coordinated protocol. That's what I got out of the visit.
November 22, 2020
Dr O'Sullivan is honest and competent, providing excellent and realistic care. I do wish that I could have longer appointments, but the appointments are short as he is so busy. He does provide excellent injections that help me to function better.
November 19, 2020
Dr. O'Sullivan is great I've had numerous surgeries and been a patient of his since I was in a bad car accident if it wasn't for him I'd probably be disabled by now
November 19, 2020
Glen Osullavine
November 19, 2020
Between Dr O and staff the response was great
November 13, 2020
They were all very helpful.
October 28, 2020
October 23, 2020
all the office staff and Doctor
October 17, 2020
My family has had several opportunities to be counseled/cared for by Dr. O'Sullivan. He is an excellent physician who cares about his patients. He takes the time to go over matters well, and he has an appreciated and enjoyable, sharp sense of humor and personable manner.
October 15, 2020
The entire staff at Ashland hospital were incredible! My admin nurse, anesthesiologist, nurses in operating room, Dr. Os assisting surgeon [ ] (?) Abd Dr. O'Sullivan all were fantastic!!!!
October 12, 2020
Glen O'Sullivan has given me more help than anyone else I have tried to get help from
October 10, 2020
Dr O'Sullivan
October 03, 2020
I've been a patient for years but the staff and Dr O'Sullivan always listen and respond to my medical needs. The Workers Compensation manager is exceptional at her job!
September 30, 2020
Dr. O'Sillivan has repeatedly done almost everything in his power to do in assisting me, my other treating doctors, and legal representatives in getting my SSDI approved over the last 8 years. He has also assisted me in my ongoing battle with my insurance provider to get me the testing, and surgical proceedures I need to hopefully return me to some since of pre-injuries "normal". Unfortunately, we are still fighting these battles still 8+ years on and getting little movement on the part of the insurance company or the Social Security Disability system but that is not for lack of effort by Dr. O'Sullivan on my behalf. I am truly greatful to have found a Doctor and surgeon who I know has my best interest at heart and is willing to take the time and effort to try to get me the surgeries and treatment that I need.
September 25, 2020
They always listen carefully, and treat me with great respect.
September 24, 2020
Dr. O'sullivan's assistant (nurse).
September 20, 2020
An Asante staff person come out of the ER entrance with a wheelchair to help wheel me in. I could not have done this without his kind help.
September 17, 2020
I think the care I'm receiving, as everyone changes to the tele medicine style, has been excellent. I had one visit in person appointment in which the Dr. was handling a few patients at the same time. Maybe there was a person with an emergency. But since then, I have received Dr. O'Sullivan's complete attention on the phone. The phone calls to arrange, take payment, and move my case forward have all been satisfying. I feel like I will get the exact care I need as we work through insurance and healing modalities for my back and hips.
September 08, 2020
Dr. O'Sullivan very professional put Me at ease a wonderful person and he knows his stuff I felt very fortunate that I got to see him because I know he's a very busy man And he fit me in so I could be seen Asante is fortunate to have him He's the best
September 08, 2020
Dr. O'Sullivan has been e great help in helping me understand my health problems.
September 04, 2020
Dr. OSullivan impressed us with his knowledge, interest and time needed to help make our visits more productive.
September 04, 2020
Everyone was friendly and respectful to me.
August 23, 2020
They are always listening and really seem to care about the patient
August 16, 2020
Dr Osullivan. Excellent doctor. Really cares about your needs. The best in the biz!
August 10, 2020
Dr. O'Sullivan was professional and personable. The repair he did to my hip seems to be of the highest caliber. His guidance during my healing process was most helpful.
August 09, 2020
After COVID delay, I do feel that a plan is in place to go forward in solving my problem.
July 29, 2020
The whole staff is excellent, professional and caring.
July 29, 2020
Absolutely the next appointment was scheduled for late August when I expressed my concern to Tracy she got an appointment the very next day! The whole staff is excellent and actually know my name and so much more caring than the staff yp at OHSU! A real breath of fresh air!
July 27, 2020
The minute I walk in the door to the time I leave everybody was understanding and caring. Dr. O'SULLIVAN is the Best person for understanding and knows what needs to be done to get me back to myself! He's outstanding!
July 26, 2020
July 26, 2020
Amanda did a great job at the front desk for my first (only) visit. Three other ladies helped me. ALL were on their A-Game. I am tired at the moment, their names escape me. Two of the ladies had names that started with a "J." Please tell them they are very much appreciated. My only complaint IS that it took far too much time to get to see him - to get an appointment..... from[DATE] until [DATE]. (Covid) Ashland needs more orthopedists. Doc O'Sullivan is amazing. But, he is doing too much. He needs help!
July 26, 2020
Helping me out right away when I had neck and shoulder pain and taking me off work duties that were hurting my neck without hesitation.
July 24, 2020
The entire office was exceptionable
July 24, 2020
I loved Dr O'SULLIVAN's personality. It was lively and definitely caring. It would have been nice to have the injury explained a bit better. Luckily, my physical therapist did that. I found Dr O'Sullivan very trustworthy. That makes all the difference.
July 23, 2020
Nancy {RN} was an exemplary nurse.
July 10, 2020
The care was great.
July 09, 2020
I was very impressed with the time and attention Dr O Sulivan allocated to our initial appointment.
June 20, 2020
The care and concern, and knowledge shared with me about my medical needs was above expectation.
June 18, 2020
Dr. Glen O'Sullivan! His MA and when I went into the office I forgot my mask on the kitchen table and she immediately said don't worry I have one for you... My own PCP wouldn't let me have one!
June 18, 2020
All personal have done well.
June 18, 2020
Dr O'Sullivan has been my orthopedic surgeon for 20 years. He and his entire staff are caring, empathetic and kind. Dr. O'Sullivan listens to me and addresses every concern I may have. Love this office!!!!
June 18, 2020
Front office
June 12, 2020
Dr. OSullivan is among the best. I feel completely confident with my health under his care. He is kind, and has such a great personality, it's always a pleasure to visit his office. His medical assistant is also fantastic. The whole office is a pleasant experience. I chose Dr. OSullivan when I needed this type of care because my experience at [ ] was not as good. I'm extremely grateful to him and his entire staff.
June 11, 2020
I've only Been a member since March 2020 everyone I've met at Asante has been outstanding.
June 11, 2020
The work done by Dr. O'Sullivan was excellent.
June 11, 2020
The entire orthopedic team and Ashland Asante Hospital continues to provide top-quality, caring service and the same top-tier surgical expertise from Dr. O'Sulivan as always - even during these trying times for healthcare. Every aspect of diagnostic and surgical care was focused, prompt, thorough, and fully addressed all my needs and wishes. Hospital staff was efficient, cheerful, and professional, seamlessly adapting to covid precautions. (I can only guess at the hundreds of urgent extra hours of behind-scenes planning that made it all run so smoothly.)My warmest thanks and appreciation for a much-needed surgery under your excellent care. Thank you for being an example - especially now. :)Sincerely, [NAME]
June 11, 2020
Everyone I dealt with at Asante Ashland orthopedics has been wonderful to me, they are courteous kind and caring.
June 09, 2020
All was outstanding
June 09, 2020
I am glad that I picked Asante for my medical care. There hasn't been one incident that I wasn't made to feel important. I feel everyone is outstanding.
June 09, 2020
I appreciated the ER nurses when I first broke my leg. They listened to me and helped me be able to save my pants from cutting, didn't give any pain relief I did not need. Helped me figure out how I could scoot up my stairs at home on my bottom.
June 09, 2020
Dr. O'Sullivan
June 08, 2020
The entire staff from reception, nursing, and all others were top notch professionals
June 08, 2020
Shannon at Dr. O'Sullivan's - she responds quickly and thoroughly to my questions / communication on MyChart. Dr. O'Sullivan - It has felt over time that Dr. O'Sullivan is the ONLY doctor in my corner working to improve my life, listen, offer suggestions, options or, telling me the truth that this may be as good as it can be. If I could have him as a PCP, I would. Adrienne at Dr. O'Sullivan's - she has been an advocate for me with the insurance companies, twists and turns with their mess and has been encouraging and supportive - I think, doing more than most in her position would do.
April 16, 2020
One of the x-ray techs was in a sling for weeks, but did her job remarkably well, and remained professional.
April 15, 2020
More than once in the last six months, multiple people in the office went out of their way to make sure I got the help I needed in paperwork, forms, and doctor visits.
April 09, 2020
Dr O'Sullivan
April 04, 2020
The entire staff is the best
April 04, 2020
Jocelyn (X-ray Technician) has informed me the most about the Governmental Directive preventing me from further diagnosis and treatment during this difficult time of the COVID-19 crisis.
April 04, 2020
Everyone was great!
April 02, 2020
All outstanding.
April 02, 2020
Dr. Glenn Osullivan is an excellent doctor, Very informative seems to know what he's talking about. I'm not new to this back surgery bit and I liked what he said. Very honest and very truthful.
April 02, 2020
Last year I waited to long to call Dr. O'Sullivan and was in a lot of pain when I called. They explained his first open appointment was almost 2 months away.I took the appointment. But a day or two later I called back and explained how much pain I was in, they called me the next day and gave me an appointment later that week.I still had to wait a few weeks for the injection, but was so much faster then I was first told and I was sooooooooo grateful to all of them. [NAME]
April 01, 2020
Dr [ ] has been extraordinary.Dr G Sullivan has been very caring and is a most charming gentlemen.
March 29, 2020
Dr. O' Sullivan is always above and beyond.
March 27, 2020
I feel that my appointment was a very positive, and informative session. I now know what I need to know, and do, going forward. I'm grateful.
March 26, 2020
The AO billing department was outstanding in expediting continued coverage for my much-needed regular knee shots under the new system. They went over and above to research the billing codes, treatments, and to make sure I was covered during the merger with Asante. They listened, called promptly with new information, and did an awesome job making sure my necessary treatment was not interrupted. Thank you, Ashland Orthopedic!
March 26, 2020
Shannon goes above and beyond to be helpful in every way. Jocelyn the radiologist is extra friendly. The entire staff is very friendly and caring. Dr. O'SULLIVAN is very, friendly, caring, helpful and thorough and very much appreciated.
March 21, 2020
Both the doctor and the nurses
March 19, 2020
results of o'sullivan surgery were far better than my best expectations. He did a great job !!!
March 16, 2020
Dr. O'Sullivan and his staff are always outstanding.
March 11, 2020
Office staff was great, very helpful.Dr. O. is very professional and knowledge...which you'd expect.Will see him again soon. Would be interested in taking another survey afterwards.
March 07, 2020
Dr. O'Sullivan is always friendly, helpful, and a good sense of humor, and when your in excruciating pain as i have been it's a welcome relief. The ladies that man the phones are also very good.
March 07, 2020
Nothing comes to mind
March 02, 2020
I thought Dr O'Sullivan and his staff were all wonderful during my whole experience.
February 28, 2020
Surgery was successful.
February 24, 2020
His staff worked well with him to coordinate forms and signatures that I needed.
February 24, 2020
Adriana, Shannon, 2 front desk gals, the medical assistance, Dr. O'Sullivan. All the team members at Asante Orthopedics Ashland have exceeded in excellence, answered my questions, spent quality time, regarding the paperwork needed for my concerns and medical needs. Thank you for all; the special care, hours listening, and follow through in times of requests. It has been overwhelming with my medical case. I really sometimes feel embarrased to ask for papers to be filled out, each visit. I was hoping that HR where I work, would make it easier for all the staff members. In gratitute and services, [name]
February 24, 2020
Dr O'Sullivan and his staff have been extremely compassionate and efficient at helping us coordinate care for [name], which is complicated by his being a quad amputee. These last few visits were follow up to his broken hip in Oct. They worked us in immediately when he had a 2nd fall. We could not expect better care than with Dr O'Sullivan. Having a survey request after every visit feels excessive.
February 24, 2020
Dr. O'Sullivan is by far the BEST back doctor in the Valley. I have been to others and not one of them even compares to him and his Staff! He has surrounded himself with great people that actually care about their patients. I recommend him, and him only.
February 21, 2020
The doctors and nurses on duty this past Monday night were outstanding they ran a battery of tests in an efficient and responsible way They explained what they were doing they were extremely professional
February 20, 2020
The woman who did my x-rays was very friendly and sweet to me
February 20, 2020
I had shoulder surgery with Dr. Townsend and am very happy with the results. I recently had my first appointment with Dr. O'Sullivan regarding my back and was very appreciative of his thorough explanation. I'm looking forward to the scheduled procedure to relieve my back pain.
February 18, 2020
This last appointment was my first in a long time, aside from blood draws. I felt comfortable and secure in my appointment with Dr O'Sullivan. The blood draws were fine.
February 17, 2020
Every staff member was great. Doctor O'Sullivan always the BEST.
February 17, 2020
Adriana took the time and effort to fill out a form for me to collect insurance for my ski pass
February 17, 2020
I found the doctor and staff very professional.
February 14, 2020
Time will tell.
February 06, 2020
The nursing staff are out standing
January 27, 2020
My doctor I drive from Gold Hill to see him, when I am there I feel like I am his only Patient and he truly understands what I'm telling him
January 27, 2020
All were great!
January 27, 2020
They were all great.
January 24, 2020
Most everyone there!
January 21, 2020
January 20, 2020
Dr O'Sullivan
January 20, 2020
The doctoor was clear and concise about my condition and options.
January 17, 2020
Adriana is phenomenal. She has helped me with insurance billing, pre-authorizations, denials, appeals. She returns my calls in a timely manner. Dr O'Sullivan listens to my concerns not only about my injuries, and progress, but also about my concerns about disability insurance and that whole maze. I'm grateful for Dr.O'Sullivan and his staff.
January 17, 2020
The entire staff so far have been excellent.
December 27, 2019
The nurse, Shannon, assisting me in getting a new and different leg brace.
December 26, 2019
Fantastic medical assistant
December 23, 2019
Glen was a very nice person, I just felt he went a little fast with me and spoke very fast. He also didn't let me fully explain my situation, worries, and concerns. Considering I have lived with this injury for three years now.
December 23, 2019
The entire was outstanding in every way
December 19, 2019
December 19, 2019
They are all great there thank you greatly 😁
December 15, 2019
Everyone at the office was great. No complaints.
December 15, 2019
I was in the office on [date]. The staff are wonderful!
December 15, 2019
Dr.O'Sullivan's assistant Shannon has been exceptional. She is a scheduling guru and I don't know how she keeps up with Dr.O! She is always kind and even when the situation is stressful does her best to help. In the past year she has been a blessing many times!
December 14, 2019
ii am new patient only had one visit
December 14, 2019
Dr O'Sullivan made a new splint for me after I explained that, my existing one, that was made for me in the ER was limiting my wrist and hand movements.
December 08, 2019
Outstanding evaluation, education and plan
December 08, 2019
Dr. O'Sullivan and his office staff, as well as before and after care at the hospital were great. All worked as a team. I would recommend Dr. O'Sullivan highly.
December 07, 2019
Martha is the GREATEST!
December 05, 2019
Doctor O'Sullivan consistently provides confident informed opinions stated unequivocally about orthopedic problems Which his patients may be experiencing. He is the Epitome of a professional!
December 01, 2019
Dx problem and acting quickly for emerg surgery
November 27, 2019
Front Desk person always greets you, explains what she needs, patient, and not stressed or angry...a service oriented person...both of them
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