Carl Griesser, MD

Carl Griesser, MD

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Family Medicine

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Family Medicine


Asante Family Medicine – Black Oak
555 Black Oak Drive
Medford, Oregon 97504
Main: (541) 789-8000
Fax: (541) 789-8225

About this provider

Dr. Griesser is passionate about empowering his patients to improve their quality of life.


  • Provides acute and same-day visits.
  • Educates patients on preventive care and healthy lifestyles.


Dr. Griesser served as Executive Director of The Mankind Project International for ten years, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming men's lives around the globe.

Education and training


University of Arizona College of Medicine, MD
Stanford Graduate School of Business, Executive program for non-profit leaders


University of Missouri, Columbia, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Family Medicine


American Board of Family Medicine

Patient experiences

November 16, 2022
My PCP, Dr. [ ], was unavailable, so I saw Dr. Grissler.He was fine and helpful. I was glad to be seen by someone.
November 16, 2022
Really appreciated the care from dr griesser
October 22, 2022
I think the doctor was awesome courteous talk to me about everything I think he's an excellent doctor
October 19, 2022
Carl Grissier was very understanding and new exactly how to treat my symptoms
October 05, 2022
My usual PCP is Dr [ ]. He was (of course) booked up when I had a sudden issue, but his office went the extra mile to call around and set up an immediate appointment with Dr. Griesser. Dr Griesser was outstanding in every respect: diagnosed and treated the problem successfully, and had a wonderful manner.
September 28, 2022
Dr. Griesser and his nurse associate were attentive, alert, intelligent, thorough and compassionate while carrying for me�A very rare thing these days. I would choose Dr. Griesser as my Primary Care Doctor if it were possible, truly.
September 22, 2022
I appreciate that Carl trusted me in knowing my symptoms and helped me get resolution quickly for my UTI.
September 02, 2022
Dr. Greisser was thorough and educational. He was informative, kind, and helpful.
September 02, 2022
Dr. [ ] and Dr. Gressler
August 25, 2022
Dr. Griesser is an Associate of my PCP, but has always gone out of his way to understand my situation and to follow up directly with me to confirm all is well. I'm very impressed with his attention to detail and to providing excellent care.
August 24, 2022
appreciate all staff that we have interacted with.
August 24, 2022
I thought Dr. Griesser was thoughtful and caring and thorough. I liked him very much. I would trust him.
August 07, 2022
Dr Griesser's assistant, Josh, was very helpful and knowledgeable
August 04, 2022
Dr. Griesser is not my regular doctor but he has been available to me when I've had a couple of issues that needed quick care or follow up. He has been there for me for both short term and longer term health challenges. The last time I went in to see him, he remembered an earlier issue and asked me about it. I was very impressed and appreciative that he is so informed about and caring of his patients, even someone who is not his regular patient. He listens to my feedback, involves me in the decision and is very patient in the process. I really do appreciate his willingness to participate in my health and well-being, and to help me to move forward on an issue that has been plaguing me for about [ ]. I may ask him if he would be willing to be my regular doctor.
August 03, 2022
Josh & Dr Griesser
August 03, 2022
I'm not a regular patient there but have been referred and made one visit prior to this visit with Dr. Griesser who filled in for my ANP. He did a great job of meeting my needs and other staff were outstanding as well.
August 02, 2022
I was referred to that office because my own doctor was unavailable and everybody treated me as I was expecting.
August 02, 2022
Dr Griesser is an excellent doctor. He listened to all of my needs and concerns, and answered all of my questions. Would love to have him as my regular doctor.
July 29, 2022
I am very pleased with Dr. Carl Griesser and his assistant Josh. I have been in a lot of pain and Dr. Griesser really helped me.
July 18, 2022
excellent service & care.
July 18, 2022
I felt I was well taken care of and that made me feel better.
July 15, 2022
Dr. Griesser went out of his way to assist me when my PPC was unavailable. I appreciated the extra time he spent and the opportunity to get X-rays I have never had. THANKS!
July 08, 2022
Dr. Griesser and his assistant Josh were great and I feel they go above and beyond and see me as a whole person
July 08, 2022
Dr. Griesser was out standing in listening and was prompt in referring to PT. Thanks to Dr. Giesser!
July 03, 2022
A girl in the office.
July 02, 2022
Only went once to this doctor, xray did not rebeal the [diagnosis], and w3nt to a Foot and ankle spevislist, had a MRI that revealed [diagnosis] and an using an [service] to heal them.
July 02, 2022
Dr Griesserbwas very personable
July 01, 2022
The office got me in very quickly for an acute symptom. I was very impressed that they were able to make an appointment for me so quickly and save me from an urgent care visit.
July 01, 2022
Great listening
July 01, 2022
I think that everyone on staff is friendly and helpful.
July 01, 2022
I really appreciate that Carl Griesser got me in as quick as he could. Even though it was online. I really wish that he could be my provider! I felt that he listen to me and he cared about the issues that I was having.
June 29, 2022
June 28, 2022
Taylor, the assistant for Sheri Clark is just so nice and professional. She is very helpful.
June 28, 2022
Dr. Greisser was outstanding. If I could, I would love to have him as my primary provider, if he was able to take me on. I loved Dr. [ ] who left practice at Asante, and I adored him. I only hope that Dr. [ ] who will take me on as a patient, is as good as Dr. Greisser.
June 28, 2022
Dr Griesser was excellent. He listened to me, asked pertinent questions and had made a plan of action. He talked with me throughout and explained the procedure. I highly recommend Dr Griesser and the staff at Asante.
June 28, 2022
This physician helped me out with medicine when Dr. [ ] was busy. Not regular doctor. Very nice though.
June 28, 2022
The doctor
June 27, 2022
Dr. [ ] is my primary. She was not available so talked with the other doctor. We talked on the phone twice & he called me on Saturday to check. I've not ever seen him in person. However, he is very nice & very attentive to my problems.
February 01, 2022
My husband could not get in to see primary care doctor, so they said he could come in right away for a major swollen right foot. Patient is 78, has leukemia. Dr Griesser ordered x-ray and ultrasound for blood clot. He was swift in ordering those studies and then did follow-up with prednisone which got the swelling in complete control. Followed up with 2nd dose. He returned my calls two times and just had a nice attitude and answers. He called oncology to get answers for treatment. He seemed to really care about the outcome. He just made the whole situation better and without any stress. He is a great doctor, and I would recommend him to anyone who had to see a doctor when theirs was not available. We wish Urgent Care was still there. It was a great place to come when you needed to see a doctor quick. I believe Dr Griesser was one of those doctors:) Thank you! [NAME] [DATE]
January 27, 2022
Dr. Griesser was fantastic. Knowledgable, caring and patient.
January 19, 2022
Dr. Griesser was very professional and informed about the ear problem I was having. It was my first appt. with him and I left feeling like I had met with a real professional. I very much appreciate his partner in practice, Dr. [ ], and I am happy that Asante was able to find someone with Dr. Griesser's ability and enjoyment in his work to help Dr. [ ]'s busy practice. Another pro in Dr. [ ]'s office is Jennifer (Sorry, I don't know her surname) is always very knowledgeable about my hehealth particulars and ready to go the extra mile to help with my health needs. I hope she will be able to survive her new working situation because if she doesn't. both I and my spouse, also a patient, will miss her deeply, as will, I'm sure, Drs. [ ] and Griesser.


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