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Jennifer Henderson, DO

Jennifer Henderson, DO

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Sleep Medicine


Asante Sleep Specialists – Grants Pass
700 SW Ramsey Ave. Suite 104
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527
Main: 541-789-8100
Fax: 541-789-8101
Asante Sleep Specialists – Medford
555 Black Oak Dr. Suite 300B
Medford, Oregon 97504
Main: 541-789-8100
Fax: 541-789-8101

About this provider


  • Manages complex and chronic sleep-related conditions.
  • Works closely with each patient’s team of providers to deliver comprehensive care.


Outside the office, she enjoys spending time with family, friends and pets. She tends to adopt pets that have special needs, which take more time and energy than typical pets. She and her husband love providing them with a happy home. 

Dr. Henderson previously served as director of sleep medicine for Mountain Heart Sleep Facility in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Education and training


Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences, DO


Sisters of Charity Hospital (New York), Family Medicine


Sisters of Charity Hospital (New York), Family Medicine


University at Buffalo (Williamsville), Sleep Medicine


Dr. Henderson is board-certified in sleep medicine.

I know it can be difficult for patients to adapt to treatments involving their sleep, but I am here to help them through the entire process. There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to sleep, and I love working with patients to help them find the right solution for their life. Good sleep is critical to being healthy and happy!

Patient experiences

July 30, 2022
Dr Henderson is outstanding. MUCH better than the Providence sleep specialists.
July 29, 2022
Dr. Henderson
July 25, 2022
Everyone seemed to know how to do their job
July 14, 2022
The Doctor and the staff.
July 14, 2022
Dr Hendersen and Michael [ ] were bith excellent
July 08, 2022
Always very professional
July 02, 2022
I always get atentive care and reponded to rather in a call or an email through mychart the same day. Excellent!
July 02, 2022
Jennifer did a great job. She was training a person and she was very attentive. The nurse who checked me in with BP and review of medications, etc. was personable and did a great job. The ladies at the front desk were extremely nice and helpful. Thank you
July 01, 2022
Dr Hendersons aides
June 30, 2022
The whole office is outstanding. Jennifer Henderson, her PA, and the office staff are all very professional, and appreciated.
June 28, 2022
I LOVE Dr. Henderson. She respects my decisions and listens to what I say about my own care. She gives me multiple paths and supports me in whatever I choose. She's attentive when I need assistance and has been emotionally supportive through challenging times in treatment. Over this time she worked closely with another one of my providers, and I cannot appreciate this enough. Due to covid, we've had tele-visits and I believe we've developed a strong relationship even over video!
June 28, 2022
Dr Henderson is awesome
June 28, 2022
Dr and office are always pleasant to deal with.
June 28, 2022
Without exception, everyone on Dr. Henderson's staff is professional, considerate and very responsive to questions and concerns I have related to my health. i am most impressed by the high quality of communication within Dr Henderson's practice. Her staff takes careful note of what I ask, and after consulting Dr. Henderson, they give me very complete and detailed responses. That assures me that I am respected and cared for in the practice. Dr. Henderson is meticulous in recording notes during my visits and always gives me informed, detailed and understandable answers to my questions. Of particular note (I am 80 years old), is that the staff never calls me "honey" or "dear". I hate it when medical staff do that because that diminishes and stereotypes patients. I always feel respected as an individual in this practice.
June 28, 2022
Very professional staff and Dr
June 28, 2022
June 27, 2022
Jennifer Henderson was beyond great regarding my care. She not only addressed my possible sleep issue but suggested a few other things that will help give me a better nights sleep. I don't remember the names of the people in Dr. Henderson's office but they were all very helpful and pleasant. The whole experience was one of the best I have had in any Asante office.
June 27, 2022
Very helpful & speedy to get you in & out, very friendly!!
May 21, 2022
Dr. Henderson
May 14, 2022
Dr. Henderson gave me any and all information that I needed or require. She genuinely cares about my care!
May 13, 2022
The primary receptionist at suite 300. Jennifer Henderson.
May 13, 2022
Dr Henderson is exceptional.
May 13, 2022
Knowledgeable and caring,
May 09, 2022
Always trying to do the right thing.
May 06, 2022
I am terrible with . But in truth, this provider as you refer to her has been excellent as are her team. They seem very qualified AND very capable. I trust...them.
May 05, 2022
Yes, JENNIFER HENDERSON! Never has a provider asked me for my pronouns and told me hers upon entering the office. She is hands down the most thorough, thoughtful provider I have worked with in recent memory. She cared a great deal about what brought me in and wanted to help me make it right. She could sense that I was frustrated and she treated me like my health concerns were important and capable of being addressed.
April 26, 2022
Yes, I think Dr. Henderson is very helpful & thorough! I like her helping me out. She said that she has the same thing I have, [diagnosis], so she is very understanding. I appreciate everything she has done for me. I feel much better now.
April 22, 2022
Jennifer was great to talk to. I'm not a huge fan of zoom appointments or the like but after my last experience with Jennifer I have reconsidered my take on them. Great service!
April 19, 2022
I really enjoy and appreciate talking with Dr Henderson. She was able to give me hints and suggestions regarding my sleep issues that have helped me a lot. She tries to touch on ideas that may be helpful for me that others have not. She has been very helpful to me.
April 19, 2022
The entire staff were very helpful
April 06, 2022
April 06, 2022
I don't remember Dr Henderson's assts. name but she was wonderful. They usually are.
April 06, 2022
Jennifer does a great job of listening and making sure I'm aware of risks associated with [diagnosis]. She is a fantastic dr and I recommend her to my family and friends! My parents have begun seeing her too.
April 03, 2022
Everyone there'd is very. Helpful
April 01, 2022
Dr. Henderson is an extremely competent and caring medical professional
March 01, 2022
It is really nice to have such a smart and energetic person taking really good care of me a my sleep issues.
February 28, 2022
Dr Henderson is outstanding. She listens with empathy and explains things very well. She was the first care provider for my [diagnosis] to talk about the humidity/tube heat settings on my [service] and how to set them properly. Really helpful appointment.
February 23, 2022
Clear explanations and helpful technicians
February 17, 2022
Every single one Version of the word Darrell good with me so special the doctor and I appreciate it
February 17, 2022
Dr Henderson is wonderful. Also Michael who conducts[diagnosis] Clinic was very informative and gave me wonderful tips to help control my [diagnosis]. Very valuable information. Don't remember his last name.
February 17, 2022
I really appreciated the responsiveness of Dr. Henderson and her staff in person, by phone and through my chart.
February 17, 2022
Dr Henderson is outstanding.
February 16, 2022
Dr Henderson is a good listener and takes sufficient time with you.
January 27, 2022
I feel that Dr Hendersen is outstanding.
January 23, 2022
Dr. Henderson has been amazing since my first appointment. Honest, reasonable and knowledgable. She is always prepared to make adjustments where needed and works with my other provider in regards to medications. Her medical assistant is also an amazing individual. Always invested and confident during our time together.
January 22, 2022
Everyone I encountered was informed and courteous.
January 19, 2022
Dr Henderson's knowledge, patient care, excellent listening skills, referrals to sleep clinic and her referrals to other resources for my[diagnosis] were excellent. She is a top notch professional and I feel lucky to have her as my doctor.[name]
December 30, 2021
they were all great.
December 29, 2021
Felt every was attentive
December 23, 2021
Everyone is very helpful! The sleep specialist, Dr. Henderson, is very caring! I really like her! She is always very caring and concerned. I so appreciate this!
December 20, 2021
Dr Henderson
December 13, 2021
Dr. Henderson was immediately responsive to the observation of the [service]. She provided me with a letter to the manufacture and I believe this letter provided the immediate replacement with a [service]. She is wonderful.
December 13, 2021
Very sorry but I am very bad with names. Jennifer was excellent, also the provider I saw in office was very helpful. I really can't be any more helpful than that.
November 30, 2021
Dr Henderson always makes me feel like she really cares about my health
November 29, 2021
Jennifer Henderson & staff
November 24, 2021
all good
November 15, 2021
Dr. Henderson
November 11, 2021
Dr. Henderson
November 10, 2021
Kevin Kruenegel
November 10, 2021
Everyone from this office are outstanding!
October 24, 2021
With our last CPAP care provider moving, meeting Jennifer for the first time, everyone, from the person calling and reminding us of our appointments, receptionist, nurse, and Jennifer were all very polite and seemed to know their jobs very well. I would say the whole staff is very excellent team1
October 20, 2021
Yes, I had a billing issue that I wasn't able to resolve on my own and it was a substantial over charge. ..It went on for months with lots of back and forth and no answers to the problem. I reached out to Dr. J. Henderson and she got the ball rolling. So, recognition to Dr. Jennifer Henderson; Regina and Debbie (especially Debbie) who looked into my account quickly and thoroughly, found the problems, and refunded the monies. Sorry to say I do not have these ladies departments or positions, but Dr. Henderson would know. I would like all 3 of the persons recognized for excellence! Yours Sincerely, [NAME]
October 20, 2021
Dr. Jennifer is amazing in so may ways. Walking without ego, treats me like a human being, aware that I have major health issues. She's positive and understanding. Absolutely love her.
October 18, 2021
Dr. Henderson has been great via telemedicine, not seeming rushed and eager to help me with my sleep apnea in general, the cpap recall, changing the settings on my machine for best comfort, discussing facemask/tubing options and cleaning, and responding to my questions and requests regarding prescription and OTC medications to help me get the optimum quantity and quality of sleep.
October 16, 2021
Dr. Henderson & Deana, both excellent.
October 14, 2021
All of the staff and assistants were extremely kind and helpful.
October 13, 2021
Dr. Henderson is wonderful, caring, knowledgeable, and very good at video appointments!
October 13, 2021
October 13, 2021
Everyone I have been in contact with has been courteous and helpful.
October 13, 2021
Dr. Henderson is the best! She listens to my concerns and acknowledges them. From her depth of knowledge and understanding, she could see my needs beyond what I could see and I am forever appreciative. What a treasure!
October 08, 2021
I recently had a sleep study at the sleep center in medford oregon. It was in Sept 2021. The technician that helped me was amazing. He was alway kind, polite and respectful. I do not recall his name but maybe it can be looked up and he can be recognized. Thank you
October 08, 2021
Dr. Henderson's intake person was excellent
September 11, 2021
Next time I go, I will write down the names of all the wonderful employees at Asante Sleep Specialists! Dr. Henderson is absolutely the best at listening, answering all questions so I can understand, intuitive, patient, and generous with her time and advice.
September 11, 2021
Dr. Henderson is exceptional . She remembers what was discussed prior visits and our goals going forward. She allows me to be part of these goals. She also is knowledgeable about the equipment and helps me to manage its function.
September 09, 2021
I really felt heard and understood by Dr. Henderson
August 30, 2021
Dr Henderson called me when I had covid to go over things that may help went out of her way was outstabding
August 22, 2021
Dena [NAME] CNA was so sweet, personable, professional, and made my office visit very pleasant
August 14, 2021
Dr Henderson is Fabulous along with the entire staff. Very Pleased
August 13, 2021
Dr Henderson is a very smart communicative a caring physician. Don't loose her!
August 05, 2021
All wear helpful.
August 04, 2021
Everyone from Dr Henderson's office to Antone at the sleep study were awesome.
August 04, 2021
Dr. Henderson's knowledge and advice
August 04, 2021
Although my past several visits with Dr. Henderson have been via tele-medicine, she is always pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. Her manner is very personable and friendly.
July 29, 2021
Staff and doctors are always helpful and kind.
July 27, 2021
Level of care
July 26, 2021
All of the personnel that this providers office have been very helpful.
July 25, 2021
[NAME] has always been skilled and empathetic. A great provider.
July 25, 2021
All visits and communications have been handled efficiently and satisfactorily.
July 25, 2021
Jennifer Henderson has been an excellent supporter of my pulmonary health.
July 23, 2021
Staff at sleep center
July 17, 2021
Asante physicians, staff and facilities are usually exceptional. Dr. Henderson is one of the top providers from whom I receive care. She is patient. She listens to all my concerns and provides reasonable, targeted and successful solutions. I am very happy with the care she has provided. I am extremely happy to find that doctors in general are becoming more patient and attuned to a patient's concerns.
July 10, 2021
Jennifer Henderson
July 09, 2021
Doctor Henderson
June 27, 2021
Everyone I came into contact with regarding the Sleep Specialists was prompt, professional, and easy to deal with.
June 26, 2021
Dr Henderson and staff
June 26, 2021
Dr. Henderson
June 24, 2021
The Dr. was very personable, answered all of my questions and terms I could understand, and made a straight forward treatment plan.
June 24, 2021
Yes, I found Dr. Henderson to be exceptional, I was so glad to have her helping me as she is so knowledgeable and cares.
June 24, 2021
Jennifer Henderson
June 23, 2021
June 23, 2021
The entire time is quick and informative. Very kind and helpful.
June 23, 2021
Dr. Jennifer Henderson is outstanding! She answered all my questions, was professionally friendly and warm, plus her follow-up was excellent. I love that I wasn't left in the dark. She gave practical advice about how to deal with an issue. She's excellent and I would recommend her.
June 22, 2021
I just really enjoyed Dr. Henderson as a person and as a professional.
June 20, 2021
Everyone is so polite.....and they get er done.... always concerned bout patientOutstanding
June 17, 2021
Dr. Henderson and her staff were professional, attentive, courteous, and made me feel comfortable.
June 17, 2021
Dr Henderson had excellent experience and was able to work with my "outdated" CPAP machine. It works fine, just updates from the company were stopped, and she had the "know-how" to work with my machine to get the information on there. I was NOT told TOO BAD this has to be replaced. It works perfectly fine and I praise her for her knowledge.
June 09, 2021
Dr. Henderson is outstanding as a physician. I really appreciate her friendly and positive manner. She is knowledgeable and great to work with.
June 09, 2021
May 21, 2021
How soon they got me an appointment. It was right after my sleep study. I felt like they really cared about me.
May 21, 2021
Dr. Henderson and Mike [NAME] were very knowledgeable of sleep and associated issuer. They explained things in a clear manner and with patience. They listened! And offered intelligible solutions to my sleep issues.
May 21, 2021
Entire Staff
May 21, 2021
Jennifer Henderson
May 21, 2021
I was very impressed with Jennifer the doctor that met with me. Gave me great understanding and with patient and took time to help me answer all of my questions.
May 20, 2021
Everyone at the Sleep Specialists was very friendly, upbeat, and efficient. The receptionist was especially helpful. Dr. Henderson is amazing. So thoughtful and caring. And right on her game as a physician. She is very thorough and asked all the right questions. She listened to my questions, addressed my concerns, and instilled confidence in the value and importance of my therapy. I feel fortunate to have her as my doctor.
May 18, 2021
Both people I saw did a good job. They listened and suggested how to solve my needs.
May 08, 2021
May 07, 2021
Attention to detail and my questions and concerns, depth of experience
April 30, 2021
She was very helpful to get me the care that I needed to use my CPAP machine I've always been happy with Asante care and the people that I have talked to through Asante they've been very very helpful
April 27, 2021
Jennifer Henderson has been great to work with!
April 26, 2021
Dr.[ ] was outstanding
April 24, 2021
Have not been seen yet
April 23, 2021
Dr. Henderson is absolutely amazing. She is caring and compassionate, listens and offers suggestions that are relevant to my life/situation. I couldn't ask for any better.
April 15, 2021
Dr. Jennifer has done more to facilitate my success in using the CPAP equipment and educating me. My sleep has been wonderful!
April 12, 2021
Really appreciated how Dr Henderson explained things and gave options for care and treatment.
April 09, 2021
I have only went there once!!
April 08, 2021
I loved doing the teleconference- convenient- undivided attention, and was so helpfully to show my machine and the pieces I had. The teleconference worked well for this type of visit. I would like to continue this way for these types of dr visits.
March 29, 2021
Jennifer Henderson
March 23, 2021
I visited the clinic 3 times. Each time the staff was courteous, friendly and knew what they were doing. I had no complaints.
March 22, 2021
Dr Jennifer Henderson was exceptional. Super impressed.
March 22, 2021
March 18, 2021
Excellent care
March 15, 2021
All my needs have been met.
March 08, 2021
Jennifer Henderson
February 22, 2021
All were good.
February 21, 2021
Our visit was everything I expected.
February 19, 2021
Dr. Henderson definitely spends quality time, writes great and accurate notes and makes me feel as though I am heard.
February 15, 2021
I've had just one contact so far with the clinic and Dr. Henderson so far. I am scheduled for an on-site visit, after a COVID test, in two weeks. I am looking forward to their assistance.
February 12, 2021
I've only had one visit so far but everyone was personable and courteous.
February 11, 2021
Lauren Nelson was the best sleep tech ever! He was very knowledgeable, available to answer questions and met all my needs during my stay.
February 05, 2021
Topanga, during the overnight sleep study. Very professional and personable.
January 31, 2021
Jennifer Henderson was very helpful. She explained to me and helped me with the settings on my CPAP machine. The suggestions she shared with me regarding my CPAP machine have made a difference in my sleep health. I am very satisfied with my virtual appaointment.
January 28, 2021
In these stressful Covid times, it is a breath of fresh air to speak with such skilled, thoughtful and friendly medical professionals. Dr. Henderson is a true professional
January 25, 2021
Jennifer Henderson was just great. She is pleasent, kind, a good listener, professional, Knowledgable, and encouraging, Was helpful in helping me find the correct C-PAP mask. My appointments with her have been productive and left me smiling.
January 22, 2021
Jennifer Henderson
January 21, 2021
Dr Henderson was very helpful and kind
January 17, 2021
I appreciate how quickly they were able to diagnose me even though it took two visits, she is just trying to treat my sleep apnea to the best of her ability as a knowledgably medical professional.
January 14, 2021
My first time with a telehealth and it was an excellent experience
January 14, 2021
Dr. Henderson was wonderful on my recent appt. She answered my questions, was knowledgeable and made a suggestion for my air sense unit. I hope she stays in the Rogue Valley. A great asset to your team!
December 29, 2020
Dr Jennifer Henderson
December 24, 2020
Jennifer Henderson, the Assistant that helped me with the instructions for my first ever video phone session and eased my anxiety about it, and the staff members that call me or answer the phone... they are patient with me and kindly make sure that I completely understand what I need to know or do.


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