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Jessie Hibner, FNP-C

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Asante Family Medicine – State Street
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Medford, Oregon 97504
Main: (541) 282-6500
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About this provider

Jessie delivers compassionate, skilled care to patients of all ages. She has a special interest in holistic care for the mind, body and spirit.


Jessie Hibner, NP, earned her master’s degree in nursing from Maryville University based in St. Louis, Missouri. She completed her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington. Jessie is a certified family nurse practitioner.


  • Provides primary and preventive care to adults and children
  • Evaluates and treats acute illness
  • Manages chronic conditions with a focus on holistic care


Outside the office, she enjoys spending time with family, volunteering with children in the community, hiking and traveling. Jessie also enjoys working with the LGBT community.

Education and training


Maryville University, Master's Degree in Nursing
University of Texas, Arlington, Bachelor's Degree in Nursing


American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

Patient experiences

September 28, 2022
Jessie is amazing. Her medical assistants Kayla and Rhianna are always very friendly and helpful.
September 28, 2022
Jessie has a great way of connecting with her patients. Her professionalism and bedside manor are a great combination that breeds trust and ease.
September 12, 2022
All of the staff were very helpful and courteous and I thank them so much
September 08, 2022
Jessie Hibner
September 08, 2022
Jessie and the entire staff are incredible! Everyone is so nice and very genuine. Thank you for employing such wonderful, caring people.
August 28, 2022
Great medical provider, knowledgeable and very caring.
August 27, 2022
Everyone is very helpful and prompt about returning calls.
August 26, 2022
all the support help
August 24, 2022
Jessie is wonderful! Dr Ruppert sort of dropped the ball on my ringworm by only prescribing one week Rx (I caled for a refill). But Jesse knew it should ba 6-week regimen and got me right on it.Very professional and very personable.
August 24, 2022
Jessie and her staff are amazing. I feel very comfortable going there.
August 24, 2022
New patient to Jessie Hibner, and have had 2 visits in her office., Bith those were very helpful and I have been happy to have her as a primary care provider.
August 24, 2022
Ron's medications are provided by the VA. Jessie always asks if there are changes. His primary care provider at the Roseburg VA is in charge of his medications.
August 19, 2022
I recently had my annual checkup. Jessie is very down to earth. She is very thorough in going over all aspects of my health. She is compassionate and caring and easily offers a quick smile.
August 19, 2022
Dr. Hibner was always helpful and efficient. Always willing to look at all options for problem solving
August 18, 2022
My provider, Jessie Hibner, and all her staff are consistently outstanding - and I'm a former patient of Dr Alan Bates who was the GOAT.
August 16, 2022
Reana H is always helpful and goes above and beyond to meet my needs.
August 13, 2022
I am always blown away by the kindness and generosity of Jessie and her MA's. They always make me feel welcomed and comfortable when I'm there. I feel like they really care about me as a whole person. I'm so happy that Jessie is my provider. She is kind, thoughtful, and really cares about the things that go on in my life.
August 12, 2022
I feel the whole team is polite, caring, respectful and knowledgeable. They are all outstanding.
August 11, 2022
My provider (Jessie Hibner) and the person who did my intake (Jesse [ ]) were friendly, attentive, and respectful. I appreciate the time they dedicated to setting me up as a new patient.
August 10, 2022
They all were very friendly, understanding
August 05, 2022
They are all friendly
August 05, 2022
Jessie Hibner & assistant
August 04, 2022
Jessie hibnerShe listens to what I am saying.
August 03, 2022
[ ] has [ ], she doesn't talk. She has been well taken care of by Jessie
July 25, 2022
Jessie Hibner. Available and listened.
July 22, 2022
This office and the care from Jessie Hibner is so wonderful. My husband and I feel very fortunate to be in her care. EVERYONE has been so genuine. We appreciate them immensely. The front office is especially proficient. Thank you so much.
July 18, 2022
Jesse my provider. The staff also second to none... I'm never scared to visit.. the compassion this whole team has is undeniable, THE BEST!
July 18, 2022
Jesse went above and beyond to connect me with a pharmacist that could answer more of my questions and respond to specific and focused concerns relating to my medications.
July 18, 2022
They were all respectful.
July 15, 2022
Jessie is simply incredible. She and her team go above and beyond to schedule my daughters and I whenever we need care. Jessie takes her time to consider options and explain choices to us in a way that's age-appropriate and makes each of us feel empowered in our health. She's the best.
July 08, 2022
Jessie Hibner and her staff. All were excellent and better than my 2 prior Drs at Providence. I felt listened to. I felt confident in the care I can expect to receive in the future. Peace of mind and trust in their care.
July 04, 2022
The best care I could ask for. Jessie and her team!!
July 02, 2022
Very responsive
July 01, 2022
Always have the best care from my doctor and staff. Can't say enough good things about them and their service.
July 01, 2022
Just Dr. Hibner. First provider in a long time that I enjoy interacting with.
July 01, 2022
Reception very curteous
July 01, 2022
Kayla, Reana and Taylor are all absolutely amazing. They are knowledgeable and respectful. The entire team is amazing!!
July 01, 2022
My regular doc is [ ]. He is always a very good listener, knowledgeable, takes things seriously, and a snappy dresser.
June 28, 2022
Jessie Hibner is excellent & wonderful! Her MA (pregnant) was excellent!
June 28, 2022
Reanna is always there to help in any situation and is the best at what she does.
June 28, 2022
Jessie Hibner
May 14, 2022
The complete staff and Doctor!
May 14, 2022
After much frustration over the last 3+ years, I think I have finally found my "forever" care provider. I just had my first appointment with Jessie Hibner and I feel we hit it off from the beginning. She was very attentive, thorough, knowledgeable and also warm and has a great sense of humor. I felt as if I really counted as an individual and not just a birthdate. I have every confidence that this will be a good and long relationship!
May 13, 2022
PSR are always the best at what they do. Cheerful and alway greet me by name.
May 13, 2022
Jessie Hibner is outstanding. She really seems to care about me not just as a patient but as a person.
May 09, 2022
Jessie Hibner and her crew took on over a 100 new patients that wouldn't have had a primary care physician otherwise. I would say that is pretty outstanding and amazing.
May 02, 2022
Jessie As my doctor/np has always been thorough during the visits. She listens and explains things well. I feel the care and concerns of my being well and at the same time respects my decisions.
May 01, 2022
its been great.
April 28, 2022
Jessie is super easy to talk to and relate to. She listens and encourages actual dialog about my specific needs, and concerns. I enjoy working with Jessie
April 27, 2022
I think Jessie Hibner is down to earth, friendly and their for her patients.
April 27, 2022
Always perfect.
April 26, 2022
I feel like Jessie and her assistant Kayla are very much the best I've ever seen. They are very careful and attentive to all their patients. They both listen to me and and make sure I know that my feelings are valid. They are definitely rare.
April 26, 2022
Jessie Hibner
April 24, 2022
The staff and provider are always professional, friendly and caring. I feel taken care of.
April 23, 2022
Jessie Hibner and all of her assistants are amazing, easy going, and great care providers. Best provider I have ever had!
April 21, 2022
I love Jessie's team!! Kayla and Reana are incredible at their jobs. They all treat me with respect and kindness. I feel like they are all invested in helping me and wanting the best for my care.
April 19, 2022
This was my first appointment with Jessie. I was extremely impressed with both Jessie and her two medical assistants�they could not have been kinder and more welcoming! The one small uncomfortable moment I had was with the �greeter� at the front door of the building. Since this was my first visit I was unsure as to where to go to wait. The greeter just pointed to what direction I was supposed to proceed rather than saying something more specific, such as, �If you walk to your right you'll see a large room. If you take a seat there, someone from Jessie's office will come out to get you.� I was rather confused by the strange (to me) setting and had to go back to the greeter for clarification.
April 19, 2022
All staff have always treated me with the upmost respect in a professional manner.
April 19, 2022
April 19, 2022
This was my 1st time in the office, to meet Jessie Hibner. So there was not any urgent issues. But her nurse assistant was very nice. Jessie and I spent alot of time talking and getting to know each other. I felt very comfortable with her. I didn't have any labs done, but she put in orders for 6 months from that day. She had records of my past labs done 6 months ago. Looking forward to a long healthy future being in her care. As I've had 3 previous drs leave or retire.
April 16, 2022
Jessie Hibner is the best at her profession. She is thorough in the explanation of blood work tests and she listens to what I have to say. Asante is a better health care provider with Jessie as part of the team.
April 16, 2022
Jessie Hebner listened & answered my concerns with care.
April 15, 2022
April 12, 2022
Everyone I've dealt with has been kind, helpful and professional.
April 11, 2022
Everyone I've dealt with at Asante Family Medicine are outstanding, especially Jessie Hibner.
April 10, 2022
Jessie Hibner has gone above & beyond to assist me with my health issues & I'm extremely thankful to have her in my corner.
April 07, 2022
Jessie Hibner is awesome
April 06, 2022
Everyone I came into contact with at Jessie Hibner's office were very engaging and personable. Jessie Hibner was a wonderful, caring person and took her time to find out all about me before making decisions on my health care. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a provider.
March 31, 2022
Jessie Hibner is absolutely the best! I am so glad my decision to become her patient was the best decision. I do not have any specific health concerns, I see her every six months and she always answers any questions I have. The office staff are always courteous when scheduling appointments considering my preferences.
March 30, 2022
Everyone that I made contact with was absolutely outstanding
March 30, 2022
I had very good care from everyone on my first and only visit at your office..
March 30, 2022
They all do great taking care of me. My doctor Jessie Hibner is great and she's very detailed when she explains things to me which I appreciate
March 26, 2022
Everyone I have seen has Ben exceptionally well to talk with
March 23, 2022
Jessie is fantastic. Calls if she thinks I might be concerned about a test result in my chart, lets me know what will happen next and what to expect. Always goes through all of the test results and makes sure that I understand them. She's the best and her staff right along with her.
March 22, 2022
Jessie Hibner and her staff are all outstanding caring and helpful. I really appreciate the high level of care they provide.
March 22, 2022
Dr Hibner
March 21, 2022
Yes... Jessie and her entire staff are outstanding health care providers...
March 18, 2022
Yes. Jesse Hibner and her assistants were very kind. Also the staff that set up my next appointments etc. we're very nice. I had a problem with my [diagnosis] and needed prescription for it for warranty and they took my call & phoned it in the same day. I was very appreciative for that . Thank you for taking me as a new patient.
March 13, 2022
Jessie is always helpful and I feel that she truly does care about women's health issues.
March 13, 2022
March 12, 2022
Jessie and Kayla are a great team. I wouldn't choose anyone else.
March 10, 2022
My Dr and her staff always.
March 06, 2022
In [ ] I got results back from a [service]. I was a little freaked by what I saw in the lab analysis of the tumor. I called the office to ask for help interpreting the lab results, and Jessie Hibner, was available to talk to me within an hour. Without a prior appointment. I thought that was great timing. She helped me understand with the lab results said and reassured me about the next steps.
March 05, 2022
Jessie Hibner and all of her staff are wonderful.
March 05, 2022
I Appreciate everyone who is involved in my care.
March 04, 2022
I only saw Jesse Hibner very recently for the first time. The appointment was a good length, it was long enough to ask all my questions and I didn't feel like I got shut down before going over all of my health issues. Also I appreciate that I didn't have to wait three months for my first appointment as I got a call right away to fill a cancellation slot so I only had to wait one week.
March 03, 2022
Jessie Hibner�most outstanding appointment with a provider I have ever had�I look forward to staying an established patient.
March 02, 2022
Dr Jessie Hibner, because she takes the time to ACTUALLY listen to me and sincerely gives her all to help improve my health.
March 02, 2022
March 02, 2022
I am so happy I was able to get into the practice, very impressed with the professionalism and kind, empathetic staff !
February 28, 2022
February 27, 2022
The online experience was very professionally handled I enjoyed the experience immensely it was both convenient and thorough.
February 23, 2022
Rihanna helped get a letter written yesterday.
February 23, 2022
Presently I am completely satisfied with the care that I receive from all the providers that I have interacted with at this facility. Their service is very much appreciated and valued.
February 17, 2022
The whole office is professional. I would send people her way if they were looking for a NP
February 16, 2022
Jessie, Reana, and Kayla
February 12, 2022
Jessie and her staff
February 11, 2022
My provider, Jessie Hibner FNP, is very good in every way. She is a very good replacement for my former provider Dr. [ ].
February 06, 2022
I wish I could remember names of the reception, assistants, team members...All. They are always patient, extremely helpful and kind.
February 01, 2022
I cannot have asked for a better PCP! I feel listened to and my needs addressed. I highly recommend!
January 31, 2022
The Dr was great and friendly. The assistant was also great getting me set up for the visit with Dr. She let me know if there was a problem she would call me back. Very nice but she didn't have to
January 31, 2022
Jesse's willingness to go above and beyond for her patients and her relations with them, as well as her care to understand her patients and concerns: you can tell she cares. Professional with just the right amount of personable.
January 22, 2022
My provider is great. She listens to my concerns and discusses all options with me. She is wonderful to work with.
January 22, 2022
Charging 10 bucks a minute is exceptional! I wish I could earn that kind of rate.
January 19, 2022
EVERY aspect of the process is so easy! I see Jessie Hibner, FNP, semi-annually. She orders bloodwork and tells me when to go. Some of the bloodwork is used by my cardiologist Dr. [ ], who I see once per year. I receive email reminders about upcoming appointments and staff calls me to update my personal/insurance information. Until the most recent appointment, we met at her office. However, under Omicron, we met via teleconference and it was simple and easy. And, it was nice not having to wear a mask. In sum, I cannot stress how easy Jessie and her staff make it for me to manage my health. I am not sure I would be so inclined otherwise.
January 19, 2022
Jesse is wonderful! She listens and is extremely knowledgable. I feel like I am in very capable hands in her care.
January 17, 2022
Jessie and her Staff are all excellent representatives of your institution.
January 14, 2022
Everyone,,excellence in care.Jessie is the best
January 14, 2022
Jessie Hibner herself is my new medical provider. Thus far, I have been pleased with her services. I appreciate not being treated with haste. She comes across as a genuinely caring individual.
January 14, 2022
I love that Dr. Hibner actually listens to me and doesn't brush my symptoms aside like others have. I appreciate that she actually listens to me and is actually trying to improve my health.
January 13, 2022
Explanation of test results and referrals done same day as requested
January 11, 2022
Jessie and Kayla have very helpful, keeping me informed and looking out for me.
January 06, 2022
Jessie Hibner is by far the best PCP I have ever had. I am always able to get in touch with her if I need to speak to her. She is on top of everything going on with me medically. It's very obvious that she cares about her patients. She even called me after hours to check on me because she knew I was going thru [diagnosis] treatment. She is truly the best of the best.
January 01, 2022
Dr Jesse Hibner's care is always outstanding. She is compassionate, clear and knowledgeable. Very supportive and kind in her approach. Easily the best dr I've ever had
December 29, 2021
Kayla and Jessie have both been outstanding.
December 29, 2021
Jessie and Kayla have been outstanding in their care
December 24, 2021
This was my first visit seeing Jesse and I felt like I asked too many questions and she was nothing but kind & responded to all of them. I left feeling very good about the appointment and the care I was given.
December 24, 2021
Good job.
December 15, 2021
Reanna has always been helpful and respectful
December 10, 2021
everyone is fantastic!
December 09, 2021
All the staff [ ]
December 05, 2021
Jessie has been the most amazing dr for myHusband and I. She has made us feel like our opinion and voice matters. I have never felt as comfortable with a doctor than I do with Jessie. My husband was having a really hard time getting an appointment with a previous doctor and he was newly diagnosed [ ]. I got him to switch to Jessie and things have been 10x better. He gets the help he needs and she finds him specialists so quickly. His mental health has improved significantly and we both agree Jessie had a huge part in that.
December 01, 2021
Jessie Hibner always reviews my file and stays current. Ms Hibner is awesome
December 01, 2021
Jessie is really on the ball as far as I can tell. She is friendly and caring. Addresses all things that are problems, so far really happy with her. Thank you
November 29, 2021
Jessie was great. She listened to me, and was very personable, and very supportive of my goals and action plan for my health. I appreciate that very much.
November 27, 2021
Jessie Hibner and the staff were courteous, knowledgeable and very thorough. My concerns were addressed. The atmosphere was professional and comfortable. Very impressed with the cleanliness of the office. No waiting at appointment, seen right on time.
November 25, 2021
My new patient visit was wonderful. I haven't had a primary care for 10 years. The visit was a breath of fresh air and I felt heard.
November 24, 2021
Jessie Hibner listened and ordered the correct drugs, set up a conselor and Zio heart monitor for me. She is the first health care professional that cares and addresses all my needs physically and mentally in the 20 years I have lived in the valley.
November 24, 2021
My doctor [NAME] is retiring and I had to get another provider so I chose this provider and after an appointment with her I was very happy so I will be coming back everyone in the office that I spoke to was very friendly and very knowledgeable I hope this will be a great A great experience thank you
November 23, 2021
All my life i went from doc to doc but since i started coming to Asante 6 years ago i refuse to look for another doctor. I love it here and so do all my family. Its the best place for us... Thank you to the staff and the service its the best in my opinion.
November 04, 2021
I am extremely impressed with Jessie Hibner, and her staff. She is informed, engaged, treats me with respect and compassion and always spends a lot of time with me.
November 03, 2021
I really like Jesse Hibner. She seemed well informed on health issues, and was kind and caring and spent time explaining things. I feel well taken care of by her.
November 01, 2021
Jessie is a great doctor and pleasant to be around, makes it very comfortable.
November 01, 2021
All the staff that I came in contact with were excellent
October 29, 2021
Jessie is easy to talk to and listen and explains everything I am concerned about. Her staff is friendly and caring. I have no complaints.
October 28, 2021
I just established with this clinic. Staff was welcoming, very informed on my fairly complex situation and I feel this is going to be an excellent fit for me.
October 24, 2021
Jessie Hibner and her crew
October 20, 2021
Nothing in particular. I feel my family and I have always gotten great care through Asante.
October 20, 2021
Jessie is such an incredible provider. I get to observe her working with both of my children or six years apart in age. She always makes the care conversation easy to understand and talks right to the kids I think this is vital and helping them grow up to feel comfortable in a medical setting and in charge of their own healthcare. I would recommend Jessie to anyone she is simply outstanding.
October 20, 2021
My prior provider left her practice suddenly. Asante Family medicine was very helpful to get me scheduled with a new provider and a very timely appt.
October 14, 2021
Jessie Hibner is a great provider, I really like her.
October 13, 2021
Kayla [ ] and Reana [ ]
October 11, 2021
No. Jessie Hibner's staff ( Kayla, Renae) are very rude. They look inconvenienced and show no empathy or sympathy towards patients. Its sad to have to go to a physician's office and feel like people who work there don't care about your care of comfort. I am surprised of the poor patient care that office offers.
October 05, 2021
It's all fine
October 05, 2021
Taylor has always been great!
October 01, 2021
September 26, 2021
I think your survey can be very misleading from what a patient may be wanting to express but Jessie Hibner went above and beyond what most practitioners perform in their allotted time.
September 22, 2021
We love Jessie she listens to our concerns and addresses them.We dont feel like a number
September 22, 2021
September 18, 2021
I have been to several doctors for care in the Valley. Very impressed with Jessie. She is professional while also warm and caring. Never seems rushed, which is a plus. Have recommended her several times.


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