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John Gallen, MD, completed his undergraduate education in anthropology (specializing in archaeology) at the University of California, Davis. He earned his medical degree from Thomas Jefferson University, Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. He returned to California for his internship and residency in internal medicine at University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento and completed a two-year fellowship in endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism. He is currently board certified in his specialty through 2024.


  • Dr. Gallen provides comprehensive care for adults with diabetes ranging from Type 1, Type 1½, and Type 2, including advanced carbohydrate counting, insulin pumps, continuous glucose sensors, U200, U300 glargine, and U500 insulin (both in pumps and with a syringe).
  • He is a specialist in diagnosing and treating thyroid disorders such as Graves’ disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancer including fine-needle aspiration using ultrasound guidance of suspected lymph node involvement and suspicious thyroid nodules.
  • He diagnoses and treats disorders of calcium metabolism such as hyperparathyroidism and other causes of elevated calcium levels.
  • Dr. Gallen is a specialist in bone diseases such as osteoporosis and osteoporotic fractures, and is certified by the International Society for Clinical Densitometry to read bone densitometry scans.
  • He also deals with disorders of the reproductive system in adults such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, hormone secreting tumors of the ovary, and excessive hair growth in women.
  • Dr. Gallen is a specialist in adrenal tumors and disorders of steroid production such as adrenal adenomas, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, Cushing syndrome and disease, hyperaldosteronism and pheochromocytomas.


Dr. Gallen is committed to helping patients live life to the fullest. Outside the office, he enjoys living in the wonderful Rogue Valley with his wife and two children. He is an avid gardener, mountain biker, and hiker and is always looking for a great camping spot. In his off hours he can be found in his basement restoring woodworking tools from the 1920-1980s to fully functioning status.


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