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Asante Urology – Medford
691 Murphy Road Suite 107
Medford, Oregon 97504
Main: 541-789-5121

About this provider

Dr. Bacher is committed to delivering advanced, compassionate care to every patient. 


  • Provides specialized care for issues related to the urological system.
  • Evaluates and treats acute and chronic urology conditions.
  • Performs advanced and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Education and training


University of Kansas Medical Center, MD


University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, General Surgery
SUNY Upstate Medical University, General Surgery


SUNY Upstate Medical University, Urology


American Board of Urology

Patient experiences

July 29, 2022
everyone was outstanding
July 16, 2022
I really appreciated the Dr Bacher's manner and honesty. I thought she was very easy to work with and she inspired confidence.
July 15, 2022
I recently visited Dr Bacher to establish care for [diagnosis]. She was very considerate, listened to my concerns and offered some immedoate solutions as well as a gameplan for moving forward with my [diagnosis] care. In the past I have experienced roadblocks from insurance and other providers in getting referrals and the specialist help I needed, but now feel reassurred that Dr Bacher will be a good resource and supportive caregiver when I encounter future urological issues. My mother died from [diagnosis] and urological symptoms were some of the most difficult challenges that impacted her quality of life. It also seemed like the area where she faced the most issues finding doctors who understood the problem, so it means a lot to me that there will be a trusted professional there when I need help and I feel confident in Dr Bacher. Thanks.
July 14, 2022
July 14, 2022
Both Dr. Bacher and her assistant Serena provided excellent service. David at reception was also excellent.
July 14, 2022
Truthfully I've never had a bad experience. Your staff is GREAT!
July 08, 2022
Dr. Bacher herself!
July 01, 2022
I cannot say enough good things about Catherine Bocker and her staff they were all terrific
July 01, 2022
Very good at answering all my questions.
June 29, 2022
This was my first time seeing Dr. Bacher and it was a wonderful experience. She was very thorough. When I shared a problem that I was having she immediately tested me to see what my issue was and gave me a prescription which has aided me greatly. She obviously wad interested in my well being and took seriously what I had to say. I deeply appreciate it.
June 29, 2022
Serena worked hard to make sure everything was in place and on time. She's an extremely valuable part of the team.
June 28, 2022
Dr. Bacher is very good and I am very pleased with her.
June 28, 2022
Dr Bacher
June 28, 2022
Dr Bacher was very attentive and responsive with apparent care and respect
June 28, 2022
dr bacher was perfect for me
June 28, 2022
Dr. Bacher and her assistant Serena have been very helpful. I appreciate them
June 28, 2022
Brittany the medical assistant for Dr [ ] was wonderful to deal with!
June 28, 2022
[service] seems to be working out.
June 28, 2022
Fairly new patient- only my second visit -I'm satisfied with the two Doctors I've had.
June 28, 2022
Couldn't have asked for a better physician experience! She was kind and listened! She is fantastic!
June 27, 2022
Dr. Bacher and her staff do a great job. I do not have one complaint.
May 17, 2022
Given the severe professional medical staff shortage in urology at Asante-Medford--which I recommend that you do ASAP--Katheryn Bacher and her key professional assistant, Serena [ ] do an Admirable Job, very professionally, and outstanding!! Please not only let them know, but place this in their records. Thank You, [ ]
May 16, 2022
The entire staff provided professional care.
May 16, 2022
Everyone in this office was Excellence
May 14, 2022
Both Dr Bacher and her Assistant were wonderful to work with. I was referred from my Primary and received an appointment right away. Dr. Bacher knew my file thoroughly. She asked excellent and pertinent questions with easy to understand explanations. She was friendly, as was her staff. She also responded with text messaging multiple times which was much appreciated. With her direction, I was able to be scheduled for a CT within a very appropriate time frame. I'm so appreciative and glad to have her and work with her wonderful staff as we move forward with my care !
May 13, 2022
Dr Bacher and all of the nurses and staff at the surgery center.
May 13, 2022
Everyone was awesome!
May 13, 2022
Dr Balcher is awesome. Caring, knowledgeable, informed, explained everything. Took her time and explained CT in terms that could be understood. Listened to my questions and answered in a way I could understand.
May 06, 2022
I felt providers really cared about me.
May 04, 2022
Serena ?, Nurse/Assistant for Katherine Bacher has been exceptional.
May 01, 2022
Kathryn bacher
April 27, 2022
Overall my experience was very great! I got in fast after and ER visit and both of my surgery's were scheduled with in the week.
April 26, 2022
Excelent care!!!
April 24, 2022
Dr. Bacher seems quite knowledgeable and current in her field. I am very happy with the care I have been receiving from her.
April 21, 2022
The doctor and her nurse
April 21, 2022
I am very pleased with my doctor and her Assistant
April 21, 2022
serena Dr Bacher both were fantastic
April 21, 2022
I had 3 surgeries by Dr. Bacher for a [diagnosis]. She is very intelligent and caring. I would recommend her absolutely.
April 21, 2022
Everyone with the Urology team of Dr. Bacher have been terrific on each visit. Dr. Bacher and team are very thorough, and professional
April 15, 2022
Doctor surprised me in how thoughtful she was about the situation of mine, I've already recommended her to others.
April 10, 2022
Dr . Baucher
April 08, 2022
Dr. Bacher and I had a very good visit. She made me feel very comfortable and seemed very knowledgeable. I appreciated her explaining things very well and informing me on procedures going forward. Thank you
April 06, 2022
Dr Backer is clearly competent. I found her trustworthy immediately. She knew my file and all the details. She addressed each issue and had a plan to address each thing. She was not dismissive at all.The [service] went well, my after effects let me know that she has a steady hand and did it do any damage. This is a significant win.I absolutely look forward to working with her through the other issues that might need resolving [service]
April 01, 2022
Every person I delt with was outstanding.
March 30, 2022
None at this time
March 30, 2022
both Dr. Bacher and Brianna Wright, provided very good care and treatment was excellent
March 20, 2022
Both the doctor and nurses were outstanding.
March 02, 2022
DR BacherSereena her assistantValCrystalBri
February 23, 2022
The doctor was excellent and informed on my condition.
February 12, 2022
I have recommended Dr. Bacher to a number of men needing her expertise.
February 04, 2022
David at check in does an awesome job. I feel Kathryn is very knowledgeable and interested in my overall health. I have a high comfort level working with her.
January 31, 2022
I have only seen Dr. Bacher once, but she seems to be highly competent, interested in my problems, and open to discussion.
January 28, 2022
Serena and Dr Bacher are excellent
January 24, 2022
All staff were amazing
January 22, 2022
In general, the staff is exceptionally well-trained, with excellent manners. Can't think of anything to improve on; I'm I was referred to them.
January 14, 2022
Dr Batcher is an excellent physician. She was familiar with my records and health conditions and explained treatment alternatives very clearly
December 29, 2021
Yes, Dr. Kathryn Bacher was most helpful, and the most caring urologist that I have ever been to.I will be switching to this office.
December 01, 2021
Everybody was outstanding.
November 14, 2021
Everyone was very professional and courteous and I would definitely recommend them if someone I knew needed urology services.
November 14, 2021
Very satisfied with the care I received at Asante overall and, especially, by Dr. Bacher.
November 07, 2021
Doctor Bacher was outstanding and professional, while being personal and understanding. If she were available as a personal primary physician, I would chose her without any hesitation.
November 07, 2021
From David at check in to nurse Valerie to Dr. Bacher all services were courteous and professional. Thank you all for a great visit.
October 28, 2021
they are all great, esp Dr Bacher, Cystral, Val, Bri, etc.Dr Bacher is not only has great medical skills but is exceptional with communicating with the patient (me). Really like her and trust her. Crystal esp helped me one day when i was having issues with my catheter and was great at helping me with that and giving me an explanation as to what was going on. they seem vy well organized.
October 20, 2021
October 16, 2021
I was referred to this provider by urgent care. I am extremely grateful they did. I am so impressed with her. She knew immediately what was going on with me and took immediate action to get me the treatments I need.
October 13, 2021
Dr Godwin and her MADr Bacher and her MA
October 11, 2021
I was delighted to see (office visit) a young, knowledgeable doctor aware of modern technologies as well as "tried and true" procedures. Dr. Bacher was very professional and personable. Easy to talk with about my apparent prostate issues and what options I had to deal with them. Like ALL of my experiences at Asante, I am a very happy customer/patient. :-)
October 08, 2021
The provider I talked to on the phone was awesome and answered all my questions!
October 08, 2021
Dr. Bacher was very knowledgeable of my issue, causes, remedies, and recommendations for treatment.Thank you Doctor
October 01, 2021
Kathryn Bacher is the best and we were so satisfied with her care as well as Valerie I her assistant. They both go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and equipped with all the knowledge that you need to progress.


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