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Kenny Durrant, PA-C

Kenny Durrant, PA-C

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Orthopedic Surgery

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Asante Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine – Grants Pass
537 Union Ave. 2nd Floor
Grants Pass, Oregon 97527
Main: 541-507-2050

About this provider

Being an athlete has taught physician assistant Kenneth Durrant a lot about how to be a strong provider.

“You learn to focus on what really matters, to have a good sense of humor and to have a strong work ethic. I’ve also learned from my grandfather to treat everyone as a friend.”

Those values form the core of Mr. Durrant’s style when working with orthopedic surgery and sports medicine patients. His goal is to create a good relationship and clear communication prior to surgery. He focuses on patient questions and concerns throughout their care.

Mr. Durrant has been a framing carpenter, a wild land firefighter, and later an emergency medical technician. Medical interventions that saved lives while on the job as an EMT encouraged him to pursue additional medical education.

Mr. Durrant enjoys soccer and mountain biking, with Cathedral Hills holding a special draw for biking. He enjoys the sporting opportunities on our rivers, including kayaking and rafting.

He chose to work at Asante Three Rivers Medical Center after visiting the area and found what he was looking for: “I found out this is an awesome team!”

Education and training


Touro University Nevada, Henderson, Nevada, Master of Physician Assistant Studies
Weber State University, Ogden, UT, Bachelor of Science in Athletic Therapy

I focus on being fully present to help someone who is in pain.

Patient experiences

May 09, 2022
The whole team was awesome.
May 09, 2022
Keep up the good job.
May 03, 2022
how can you be better than best?
April 28, 2022
Kenny Durant was kind courteous and knowledgeable, He answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. He or his staff followed up on recommended treatments promptly.
April 27, 2022
Kenny Durant
April 22, 2022
Everyone did their jobs professionally, efficiently and cordially. It was an overall good hospital experience.
April 22, 2022
Every staff member that cared for me when I had [service] was outstanding.
April 22, 2022
All the staff are outstanding
April 19, 2022
Everyone is so very nice
April 15, 2022
I think the staff at Asante is too notch. Especially going through everything the past few years!
April 15, 2022
Absolutely every person I came in contact with was kind, helpful and efficient
April 07, 2022
I get my [service] every three months for arthritic pain . Kenny does a great job and staff has also been very friendly and professional . scs
April 04, 2022
Don't remember the names there were some though
March 28, 2022
All of them!
March 23, 2022
I have always gone to Mr. Durant to get my thumb injections since I've lived here. He's always been very nice, very informative, and the [service] have always been very successful
March 13, 2022
Everyone was outstanding!!!
March 13, 2022
Friendly professional who makes me feel welcome to the office
March 10, 2022
Kenny Durant was very kind and professional and I am so happy with the results of his procedure to [service] on my finger.
March 10, 2022
Yeah Kenny Durant he was a real good doctor I really liked him he explained everything to me and asked me what medications I was taking and asking asked me how I was feeling he's really good doctor and all his stuff is really nice people respectful and courteous sincerely [patient].
March 09, 2022
I was always treated with respect with all I came in contact. No complaints
March 05, 2022
Excellent care
March 02, 2022
The last x-ray technician, from [date], was outstanding with explanations of process and was very polite and welcoming.
February 23, 2022
February 23, 2022
Excellent people care. Everyone went above and beyond to help me feel better.Will us them always.
February 23, 2022
Kenny Durant and his staff were great. They have my complete respect and confidence
February 16, 2022
I feel like everyone from the ladies that put the cast on and taking it off, the cray techs and the receptionist were all so caring and gentle.
February 14, 2022
He knows what he's doing..
February 13, 2022
Kenny and his assiant nurse were both excellent
February 12, 2022
They were all great
February 12, 2022
They are all doing a good job. I have no real problems with the staff.
February 03, 2022
It was helpful to have Kenny Durrant, PA to work with me on my elbow/arm/hand injury that happened at SF Airport on [date]. As soon as I came home from my trip on Nov. 16th, I was able to get an appoint as soon as I returned home. My last appt with Kenny Durrant was [date]. We talked about my continued numbness in my right arm. Then Kenny turned in the referral for my nerve testing appointment soon with Dr. [ ].
February 03, 2022
At surgery time, two individuals stand out at prep time: The first is Melissa, with great personality, efficiency and skills, and Merissa, for the same reasons. A reassuring team, for certain. For follow-up in office, I have to commend Amanda, for great attitude and efficient, skilled care. I have been blessed with really outstanding care and comfort at all times during this surgical event
February 03, 2022
I have only seen doctor 2 times so really couldn't really give you an honest answer. All I had any time with were great.
February 03, 2022
Kenny Durant
January 31, 2022
Dr. Durrant makes me feel important!
January 31, 2022
Tanya is very good Made me feel like she really wanted to help getting x-rays and appointment K Durrant was good at explaining what was wrong and treatment
January 31, 2022
He is really good understanding. I am very happy with him.
January 30, 2022
Dr Kenny is amazing. He gives me very painful shots but he's as gentle as possible and is always concerned and empathetic.
January 27, 2022
Every one I had contact with was friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable in the care I was given.
January 24, 2022
Kenneth Durant is an outstanding practitioner. Friendly and knowledgeable.
January 19, 2022
Kenny Durant always excels in professional and personal patient interactions. My husband (and caretaker) and I always leave the office completely satisfied with the answers to our concerns.
January 19, 2022
Everyone it was a very pleasant experience signed in took a seat was called in about 10 minutes got [services] and out the door less than an hour people are very kind and courteous
January 17, 2022
Kenney was very respectful and answered all my health need.
January 17, 2022
Really like Dr. Durant
January 14, 2022
The doctor and staff were all very polite, positive, and professional. I have only seen him this one time to discuss my [diagnosis]. I previously saw another provider in this same office in regards to my knees. They were always nice back then, too.
January 14, 2022
Dr. [ ], Kenny Durant.
January 14, 2022
Asante Orthopedics has been wonderful over the last six months. [name] has been injured so often Kenny and staff have been great at putting him back together so he can continue to enjoy wrestling.
January 05, 2022
My primary care is the VA they outsoursed my [service]. Kenny is the best !!!
January 05, 2022
Excellent service
January 05, 2022
Everyone is awesome
December 30, 2021
The surgery went well and the removal of stitches went well. No complaints.
December 24, 2021
Kenny kept in contact with me regarding all the referrals that he was planning - he talked to me and gave me details and I felt heard and understood. i appreciate his time.
December 15, 2021
Durante, support staff and [ ]
December 13, 2021
I was very scared despite the best efforts of the staff . Kenny was able was able to calm my fears with a simple conversation. He listened To my irrational fears, heard what I was saying and combated my fear with a logical and professional Conversation. 10 thumbs up for this guy......
December 02, 2021
Bruce-therapist, Dr Durrant
December 02, 2021
I had a good experience and will come back again, thank you
November 30, 2021
Every one
November 27, 2021
manda, an MA, was helpful, courteous and efficient. She expedited the process of removing stitches and calmed me a great deal.
November 27, 2021
Kenny Durant was very kind and understanding. Explain thing so i could understand the treatment
November 27, 2021
Kenny and Amanda are the greatest example what a care provider team should be.Amanda goes out of her way to make sure you are comfortable and at ease for Kenny.Kenny is just plan super.He always takes my pain levels into consideration and always explain the procedure,even though he has done it the last 4 times.
November 25, 2021
I was so impressed with Kenny Durrant, he is AWESOME
November 24, 2021
Asante staff and professionals have always treated me with respect and kindness. Love that Asante is in our community taking care of our medical needs.
November 24, 2021
The staff was amazingly exceptional
November 05, 2021
Great staff, PA and MD. Would recommend Dr Ziegler to anyone needing hand care!
November 02, 2021
Kenny Durrant has always shown me honesty and respect! I would and have recommended him and this office to others! Thank you!
November 01, 2021
Asante ortho ROCK'S!
October 29, 2021
I am hard of hearing and when he was talking to me, he was sure to make sure I understood what he was saying. He talked slowly and loud while being cheerful.
October 29, 2021
Everyone I came into contact with was courteous and tried to be as helpful as possible. The only problem was timelines. With broken bones, two weeks is an eternity.
October 29, 2021
Easy to talk to.
October 28, 2021
I thought the Dr was thorough and did not seemed rushed. I appreciated his friendly manner.
October 18, 2021
Kenny Durant spent the time to explain all my options so I could make an informed decision about my health care. He encouraged me to make the best decision for me.
October 16, 2021
Kenny Durrant, was excellent, He explained everything, was thorough, I was very comfortable He did an excellent job !
October 13, 2021
I have no complaints.The Orthopedic Surgery entire TEAM was GREAT!
September 23, 2021
Kenny Durant gave me an injection and so far my pain w 90% gone
September 22, 2021
Very professional.
September 14, 2021
The staff and doctor were wonderful. They knew I has been in pain & suffering for well over a month but they gave met the earliest appointment date & put me in the call line. In these times I feel they treated me as quickly as they could & Dr. Kenney was quick to diagnose & treat my problem.
September 13, 2021
Mr. Durrant provided excellent advice and treatment.
September 08, 2021
Kenny Durant was great with explaining everything and listening to what I had to say.
September 06, 2021
Sabrina s always friendly and courteous as well as fun
September 05, 2021
He handled all my needs for my post op visit.
September 02, 2021
September 01, 2021
Everyone is very nice
September 01, 2021
Everyone in the office was professional and helpful
September 01, 2021
Kenny Durrant went above and beyond in my visits to his office. Outstanding care and better than expected results. Feel very fortunate to have him in our valley.
August 30, 2021
All that I came in contact with were amazing. I recommend all.
August 30, 2021
All personnel that I have come in contact with seem to be caring and professional
August 27, 2021
Asante Orthopedic Surgery Helped me very muchOnly problem was getting an appoint timely. They were great just to busy.
August 27, 2021
Dr.Durrante, Bruce (physical therapist), & the reception area all have been extremely helpful and caring. I appreciate the care and time put into helping me heal and get stronger, as they teach me what to do, so I can get past these injuries. I especially appreciate the understanding Bruce has with my disadvantages in other areas of my many disabilities that limit my ability to do some of the treatments yet. Thank you for this help!
August 26, 2021
All staff at dr durants office has always been very helpful!!
August 18, 2021
Everyone here is outstanding. It is hard to pick on or the other out.
August 18, 2021
Kenny was a cool guy.
August 09, 2021
The staff was great
August 08, 2021
July 31, 2021
Seemed knowledgeable and concerned
July 28, 2021
Kenny Durrant was outstanding, helpful, and well-informed
July 28, 2021
The secretary and Kenneth Durrant were very nice to speak with and they treated me with respect, as they would a friend. I am very appreciative of how they have treated me. Not only that, but Kenneth Durrant also was informational and helpful in his advice in treating my condition. I would definitely recommend him and his practice in the future.
July 28, 2021
Very impressed with all staff members! I received excellent care all the way around!
July 27, 2021
Amanda was amazing with [NAME] cast removals. And Dr. Durant was also amazing
July 21, 2021
courteous and quick service
July 21, 2021
Keep the good service.
July 13, 2021
Kenny Durrant is an exceptional asset to AOS, and displays a professional yet personable demeanor with patients. I recommend his services highly and feel he is a great representative of your organization.
July 11, 2021
Orthopedics is always helpful and courteous.
July 09, 2021
I so appreciate the excelent care that I receive from Kenny Durant. I come for an injection into my arthritic thumb, and he always knows just exactly where the injection should be to give me the most benefit. Thank you, Mr. Durant.
July 09, 2021
All were wonderful
July 08, 2021
Kenny Durrant
July 01, 2021
Kenny is very knowledgeable and intuitive in giving me the best treatment.
July 01, 2021
Have always been treated courteous and with understanding
July 01, 2021
Kenny was great. He solved my medical problem on the first visit, and set a follow up visit to make sure everything was going well.
June 26, 2021
I think Kiley [NAME] was outstanding! He explained more to me about my problem then any doctor I have ever seen. Very professional and he is very knowledgeable on what he is doing. After my surgery I will recommend him to everyone one I know. I think he is exceptional!
June 26, 2021
Dr. [NAME] and Ken Durant are both excellent and I recommend them to friends
June 24, 2021
June 20, 2021
Jenny did a great job getting my stitches out and explaining things to me.
June 20, 2021
Kenny along with his MA were very kind and friendly. I had read a lot of the reviews about Kenny and he was just as friendly as the reviews stated.
June 18, 2021
Always receive outstanding care.
June 17, 2021
All staff at this location have been outstanding! I have received excellent care by all!
June 17, 2021
Kenny Durant is professional, friendly, and helpful. He listened and gave me options for my hand. On a scale of 1-10, he is an eleven, and I recommend him highly.
June 12, 2021
I very much appreciated the fact that Asante worked me into their schedule when I appeared for my appointment on the wrong day and had driven two hours to get there. Thanks so much!
June 12, 2021
Kenny Durant was exceptional. He was compassionate and caring and made you feel important. Great addition to your staff couldn't ask for anyone better [ ]
June 09, 2021
Dr [NAME] was great
May 29, 2021
The whole staff has remarkable concern for the patient
May 26, 2021
Very clean and professional
May 24, 2021
All the nurses, doctors and Dr. [NAME] during my recent thumb surgery and after. I am very impressed with the Orthopedic Department.
May 21, 2021
They are all very nice, completely professional and competent in every way.
May 21, 2021
The whole surgical team was amazing and Kenny Durant was the best, he's always very pleasant and doesn't seemed rushed. He makes me feel very calm because he is calm. Wouldn't haven't wanted anyone else doing both of my surgeries
May 21, 2021
Kenny Durrant was one of the most kind and pleasant medical providers I have had. How fortunate to have experienced his service. I was expecting an unpleasant situation, but instead received a good relationship with questions answered and concerns in a caring and kind manner. Our community is fortunate to have one like Kenny Durrant providing a service for Asante.
May 20, 2021
The surgery and participants were excellent.
May 20, 2021
Everyone during the appointment was great.
May 17, 2021
I had one visit and everyone was very professional and all questions were answered. The treatment I received was good and I will be going back in the future if the need arises.
May 17, 2021
Kenny Durante listened to my questions and concerns and was very personable. Great care! Amanda was very friendly and helpful. The young woman(can't remember her name) who put on my cast was very knowledgable and helpful.
May 08, 2021
Yes taking care of me and healing me ty and God bless and look forward to Future appointments
May 05, 2021
Everyone seemed excellent.
May 05, 2021
Both Kenny and all of his people were and are wonderful. The girl and fellow in X- ray are also great! The ladies up front were also wonderful!
May 05, 2021
All staff.
May 05, 2021
I have never broken a bone, this was the first time I've dealt with a broken bone. As the patient is my daughter, I had many questions and concerns. Kenny Durant and the nurses were very understanding, trustworthy and helpful. They also explained everything before doing which reassured my confidence in their procedures.
April 29, 2021
I like the staff
April 29, 2021
The all staff. A great experience [ ]
April 24, 2021
Satisfied !!
April 19, 2021
Ken's a good guy.
April 16, 2021
They are all excellence.
April 15, 2021
I found Kenny Durrant to be a most outstanding physician and will highly recommend him to anyone needing Orthopedic assistance. My surgeon, Dr [ ] is wonderful, too.
April 12, 2021
It's hard to say who was more outstanding because every single member of my team has been extraordinary - not just recently but for past surgeries, including a spinal fusion with disc replacement plus 2 hand, 2 knee, and 2 shoulder surgeries.Recently I got prompt imaging, diagnosis, followup, and referral from Ashland Orthopedic to Dr.[ ] in Grants, who was extraordinary in every way. I felt he completely understood my problem and was an excellent listener. He offered a deep surgical solution and performed an amazingly clean, successful hand surgery with no complications and very quick healing. Everyone on his team was informative, helpful, friendly, professional, and competent.Most impressively, all were in the prime of their career and skills - young enough to be trained in latest techniques and medical education, yet experienced enough to provide top-level care. Obviously dedicated career professionals brilliant at their jobs.Thank you Asante and Dr. [ ]!
April 08, 2021
All the staff have always been wonderful and treated me with kindness and compassion. I love going to Asante.
April 08, 2021
Kenny Durant
April 07, 2021
Very hard to pick one overh the other, the Asante care team is the best I have ever had and you know my age �
April 01, 2021
Everyone I have dealt with there has been great !
March 29, 2021
They all where
March 27, 2021
March 26, 2021
March 22, 2021
All the staff at Asante allways treats me very well.
March 22, 2021
All the people I connected with did a fine job!


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