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Michael Bachop, PhD

Michael Bachop

Michael Bachop, PhD

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Behavioral Health

I believe in the strength of the patient to make changes in his or her life. The therapy space is a safe place for patients to do their work without judgement.


Asante Behavioral Health Clinic – Medford
691 Murphy Road Suite 218
Medford, Oregon 97504
Main: 541-789-4078

About this Provider

Michael Bachop, PhD, is the medical director of the Integrated Behavioral Health Program at Asante. His goal is to expand behavioral health services for primary care providers and their patients.

Dr. Bachop is a seasoned psychologist with over 27 years in practice. He maintains a practice that helps patients with a variety of daily life problems. He has a special interest in working with patients who have posttraumatic stress. “I focus on the person-to-person relationship and the empathy and respect that goes into that relationship.”

Dr. Bachop practices an integrated model of therapy. This helps patients by improving self-understanding, looking at thought patterns, and identifying conflicts and relationship issues. This guides patients to make more successful choices. 

“I strive to help people move from less flexible thinking to creative problem solving. In therapy, a strong relationship helps create a foundation. From there, my patients can explore new ways to approach life experiences. I see my patients as having expertise in directing their healing.”

To maintain a strong work-life balance, Dr. Bachop enjoys camping with his wife in off-the-grid locations. “It is renewing and helps us both stay in touch with our beautiful Universe.” Believing that most disease is driven by life choices, Dr. Bachop regularly exercises, eats a healthy diet and practices meditation.

Education and Training


Columbia University, New York, New York, Ph.D. - Clinical Psychology
Columbia University, New York, New York, M.Phil. - Clinical Psychology
Columbia University, New York, New York, M.S. - Clinical Psychology


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