Key Foundation Initiatives
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Key Foundation Initiatives

The Asante Foundation accepts and manages contributions for all facets of the needs of Asante Health Care's hospitals and entities, however, we are always looking to feedback from people in our community to help us focus our efforts in ways that will be most meaningful for the people we serve.

With this in mind, the current focus of the Foundation is on the following initiatives (Watch this space! More information is coming soon):

  • Oncology: Cancer is a disease afflicting large numbers of men, women and children in our communities.  We are continually purchasing new technology, expanding facilities, and developing programs that improve the quality of regional cancer care. Most recently, in 2009 we added TomoTherapy - the latest in radiation therapy. 
  • Cardiac Services: Our hospital system is one of the finest heart centers on the west coast.  We have a model rapid transport and treatment system, case management for heart patients, telemedicine programs that serve our regional partnerships, and heart care education for chronic disease management.
  • Behavioral Health: We have the only inpatient adult behavioral health program in southern Oregon. We are leading the way towards expansion of treatment and facilities that will serve the growing needs of the region.
  • Children's Services: We are the only neonatal intensive care and pediatric care center in southern Oregon.  As the region's Children's Miracle Network hospital, we help ensure the miracle of life and health to youth who are facing disease or trauma. 



Below are some past initiatives, with links for more information as a small example of how gifts to the Foundation are put to good use:

  • Inpatient Rehabilitation Center
    The build-out of the new IP Rehab unit on the 6th floor of the Tower  was completed in early August.  (Click the link for details.)  This center means that most RVMC patients who need this kind of care no longer have to wait for an open spot elsewhere &/or transfer to another hospital just for rehab services. This continuity of care is easier on patients and families. 
  • RVMC Rebuild 
    The RVMC Rebuild Project, completed in 2005, increased our physical size from 500,000 sq. ft. to 760,000 sq. ft. to serve our growing population. It raised obsolete or failing systems to both current code and maximum efficiency to provide RVMC with the capacity to meet emerging healthcare needs while maintaining the highest standard of medical excellence - click the link for details on this extensive project.