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My bill – frequently asked questions

Q. Will I receive a separate bill for hospital and physician services that I receive at Asante?

A. No, you will receive a combined statement for your Asante hospital and Asante Physician Partners services.

However, you may also receive separate billings from other physicians and services related to your medical service that are not part of Asante. Some examples of these may include anesthesia services, radiology reading fees, assistant surgeons, etc.

Q. How will I know how much I will owe?

A. Your insurance will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that will detail the provider of service, services rendered, and the amount your insurance plans to pay. The EOB will also note items that are non-covered or denied, and any remaining balance that you owe. Take time to review your insurance EOB carefully, comparing it to your Asante billing statement. Call your insurance or Asante right away if you have questions or concerns.

Asante Patient Financial Services  888-608-7632

Q. How does my insurance company get billed?

A. Asante will bill your insurance companies as a courtesy to you. To ensure that your medical bill is processed and paid promptly please be sure to verify your insurance information at the time of your visit.

Q. Does Asante provide support to help me get Medicaid or Oregon Health Plan coverage?

A. Yes, Asante has certified application counselors located at each hospital that can assist you with filing your Oregon Medicaid application. Please note that counselors are only located at each hospital and not at Asante Physician Partner locations.

Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center: 541-789-7283

Asante Ashland Community Hospital: 541-201-4121 or 541-789-7253

Asante Three Rivers Medical Center: 541-472-7436

Q. What if I don’t have insurance?

A. If you do not have any health insurance, Asante will send you a bill for any balance not paid at the time of service. Please pay the bill, or call us to make payment arrangements as soon as you receive it. You may make your payment by Debit or Credit card including Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. Please keep in mind that Asante also has a Financial Assistance Program if you are unable to pay your bill. Please call Asante to inquire.

Asante Patient Financial Services  888-608-7632

For more information about the Asante Financial Assistance Program or to download a copy of the application please visit .

Q. How often will I receive a statement?

A. Statements are issued monthly after we receive payment from your insurance company.

Q. How do I get a copy of my itemized bill?

A. You may obtain a copy of your itemized bill by calling our Asante billing departments at 888-608-7632.

Q. Why do you ask for my co-pay, deductible or co-insurance at the time of service?

A. We ask for payment at the time of service so you won’t be inconvenienced with a billing sent to your home after your visit. It also helps to reduce costs and saves you the trouble of mailing a payment back to Asante.

Q. What should I do if my insurance denies my claim?

A. You will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company to notify you of any denied or non-covered services. After reviewing your EOB if you still have a question you should contact your insurance company using the customer service phone number listed on your insurance card. If after talking with your insurance you still have questions please call Asante.

Asante Patient Financial Services  888-608-7632