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Asante Rogue Regional Archives

Here are past stories on our construction projects at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center.

April 2021

Ground-floor of ARRMC pavilion

Medical Center Drive to close temporarily

A new sewer line for the pavilion will require the closure of a small section of Medical Center Drive near the Cardiovascular Institute for three to four days.

The closure will start April 19 while Knife River crews dig a new manhole, install piping and backfill to connect the pavilion’s sewer line into city services. Medical Center Drive should reopen later that week, but work will continue through April 30. Traffic will be rerouted behind the CVI building and P2 parking garage during the closure.

January 2021

Crane cab is lifted high into the air

The crane rises

Maxim Crane Works crews erected a 205-foot crane in driving rain on Jan. 6, 2021, at the construction site for Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center's new pavilion. This sped-up video shows them raising the cab to sit on the crane at 165 feet. The actual time it took was 2-1/2 minutes. The crane will be able to pick up 11,900 pounds in a 262-foot radius (think materials sitting on trucks on Siskiyou Boulevard) and as much as 55,000 pounds in a 72-foot radius. It'll remain for the duration of the project. Great work, Maxim and Andersen Construction!

December 2020

The new truck ramp shown from within the hospital.

Vendors: Come on down!

The new truck ramp on the northeast side of ARRMC opened Dec. 28. Those with deliveries for ARRMC Receiving can access the ramp off Murphy Drive as they did before, only slightly south of the original access. The ramp had to be moved to make way for the new pavilion.

November 2020
Steris operating suite

Operating suites of the future

Physicians, nurses and other Asante employees got to tour myriad advanced operating suites in early November in preparation for outfitting the new pavilion.

Five vendors showed off their latest technologies in mock operating suites. Attendees were given the opportunity to tour, interact and evaluate each vendor’s products. Representatives with Jacobs, the project manager for the pavilion, say this hands-on experience will be used in making decisions for the pavilion's five new operating suites, which will bring the hospital's total to 20.

Watch your step at Asante Imaging-Murphy

You’ll see a bit of a mess in front of Asante Imaging-Murphy until mid-January while crews work to rebuild a delivery ramp to make way for the new pavilion at Asante Rogue Regional.

A temporary pathway has been created for patients and employees to walk around the construction safely.

Valet has been moved to the south side of Imaging. Patients can pull up along the sidewalk to drop off their cars. A special walkway has been paved from the valet area to the front of Imaging for patients to use.

The RVTD bus stop has been moved north down Murphy Road.

Click here for a parking map.

November 2020
large hole is being dug for new pavilion

Let the digging begin

Construction crews have begun digging in preparation for Asante Rogue Regional's new patient pavilion! The six-story, L-shaped structure will help ensure enough hospital beds and advanced surgical suites to care for our region well into the future. But first, a gigantic, 17-foot-deep hole must be dug for the foundation and basement.

November 2020

Truck ramp closes

There’ll be a lot more truck traffic on Medical Center Drive starting Nov. 23 when the loading dock on the north side closes while crews rebuild the truck ramp there. Vendors including Medline, UPS, FedEx, laundry services and others will be using the kitchen loading dock for about four weeks until the new truck ramp opens.

Trash receptacles, including those for medical waste, will be relocated to outside MRI and the pharmacy trailer for those four weeks.

Oct. 30, 2020

Scaffolding is part of Emergency Department expansion

Expanding the Emergency Department at Asante Rogue Regional is requiring some major scaffolding that reaches to the ground floor — right in front of the entrance to the Rambling Rogue Café.

The scaffolding allows crews to work in the atrium to build a protective wall behind the curved glass on the first floor near the lobby. That curved glass will eventually become the east wall of the Emergency Department.

Meanwhile, the Asante Rogue Regional kitchen is being remodeled to expand its capacity in order to serve the pavilion when it's finished. The remodeling started Oct. 26. 

How to access the Emergency Department

Work to expand the Emergency Department means you can enter the ED only from its outside doors for the next few months. Our staff at the ED entrance will help direct you. Here's what to do:

  • There is no parking there, so drop off your loved one and park your car in a designated area.
  • Use our 24/7 shuttle to get back to the ED.
  • If you're alone and in distress, leave your car at the ED entrance and we'll park it for you.
Oct. 15, 2020

Asante provides free shuttle service

Asante provides free shuttle service 24/7 at the hospital from the P2 parking garage near the Smullin Center to Entrance B and the Emergency Department. They run every 5 to 10 minutes. Read more here.

Oct. 15, 2020

Hospital entrance moves

Our main entrance has moved to the south side of the hospital, off Barnett Road.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Use Entrance B, off East Barnett Road, for admitting, cashier, the front desk and free valet services. 
  • Free valet service is available at Entrance B from 6 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • If you wish to self-park, use the P2 parking garage near the Smullin Center. Shuttles run every 10 minutes between the parking garage, the Emergency Department and Entrance B, 24/7.
Oct. 8, 2020

CEO Mick Zdeblick to host virtual town hall

Mick Zdeblick to host town hall Oct. 22.

Learn more about the pavilion project, why it's necessary and how it will impact operations and the neighborhood over the next three years.


Oct. 9, 2020

I'll take the special with a side of scaffolding

Expanding the Emergency Department at Asante Rogue Regional will require some major scaffolding that will reach to the ground floor — right in front of the entrance to the Rambling Rogue Café.

Crews will erect the scaffolding the week of Oct. 19. It will allow them to work in the atrium to build a protective wall behind the curved glass on the first floor near the lobby. That curved glass will eventually become the east wall of the Emergency Department.

Putting up the scaffolding will take five days and be done in the wee hours of the morning until the cafeteria gets busy, then start up again at night. The scaffolding is expected to be in place for three to four weeks.

Elevators, labs, imaging and gift shop will remain accessible, though the north lobby entrance to the Emergency Department will be closed for several months during the remodeling.

The cafeteria remains closed to visitors because of COVID-19 concerns, but the Pear Blossom Cafe is open for beverages and snacks near Entrance C on the ground floor.

Aug. 13, 2020

Emergency Department, kitchen get a makeover

Two important remodeling projects at Asante Rogue Regional will begin this month: expansion of the Emergency Department and remodeling of the kitchen, allowing both to handle more patients once the new pavilion opens in 2023.

Emergency Department, Phase 0
  • Triage will move to four temporary stalls where the children’s play area is now in this first phase, which starts Aug. 19. ED registration also will be relocated to that area.
  • Subsequent phases will expand the ED to where Admitting is now, with a completion date of spring 2021. For about two months this fall, you’ll see scaffolding at that curved glass wall by Admitting that will extend down into the cafeteria.
  • While Admitting will move to Entrance B on Sept. 21, the existing blood draw area will remain in service until its new space is completed Nov. 30.
  • The Security office will move upstairs to where the Behavioral Health Unit used to be, but a guard will be stationed inside the ED.
  • A new door will be cut into the north wall of the hospital at the ED to allow access for construction crews.

Remodeling will begin on Aug. 31 and is expected to last through October. Upgrades include new equipment, two additional cash registers and a redesigned inpatient food line so that the kitchen will be able to service both the existing bed tower and the new pavilion.

Also happening on campus

A new power line to service the pavilion is being installed underground from the pond along Medical Center Drive down to Siskiyou Boulevard, along Siskiyou and across Murphy Road, where it will connect into existing power.

The south portion of Corporate parking will close Sept. 1. There are corporate visitor spots designated in the new garage.

New physician parking spaces will open up near the East Barnett Road entrance Sept. 21.

Imaging-Murphy has lost its parking lot to construction but gained valet service. Patients may also park on the east side of the new parking garage's first floor at Siskiyou Boulevard and Murphy Road.

July 30, 2020

A whole lotta shakin' goin' on

Update, 8/3/20: Demolition work will continue Aug. 15.

Having a baby Aug. 1 at Asante Rogue Regional’s Family Birth Center may rock mama’s world a bit more than usual as construction crews demolish a retaining wall with jackhammers nearby.

The work, scheduled for 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., will remove a retaining wall at Imaging in preparation for the new patient pavilion.

The loading dock truck ramp and “courtyard” (where trash is collected and linens and other supplies are delivered) will be closed that day, a Saturday when no such activities are scheduled.

The earth-shaking work, which is also outside two operating rooms, will be suspended if emergency surgeries arise.

July 17, 2020

Expect parking changes at ARRMC as construction begins

Parking on Asante Rogue Regional’s campus will be impacted by several construction projects starting this month.

Pharmacy trailer

Parking spaces for lab couriers, MRI patients and doctors just south of the helipad will be closed through July 29 while crews prepare for the new — but temporary — home of inpatient pharmacy compounding. Work started Monday.

The 48-foot trailer will allow crews to remodel part of the pharmacy to bring compounding up to new federal codes, among other improvements.

A 72-foot crane will move the compounding trailer into the five courier spots on the west side of the lot on July 28. Physician parking under the helipad will be closed that day, but the emergency ramp and helipad will remain open.

One lane of Medical Center Drive will be closed just south of the Emergency Department entrance with flaggers in place for the day. Patient parking for MRI will resume on July 30.


The parking lot in front of Asante Imaging–Murphy will be closed starting July 27, but valet service will begin at its front door.

The east half of the lot will be saved for valet service, which patients can access by taking an immediate left after turning in from Murphy Road. The other half will be fenced off as crews start preparations for a new materials management ramp, made necessary by the location of the new patient pavilion.

The patient parking just north of that lot was closed on Monday for construction staging. The exit from the P1 parking garage that runs along the west side of that lot will remain open.

Doctor parking

  • Spaces near MRI that are blocked this week have been replaced with seven spaces just south of that, near the C Entrance. Parking under the helipad will be unavailable July 28 only during installation of the pharmacy trailer.
  • The small physicians’ lot behind Imaging was closed on Monday to allow installation of a temporary 500-gallon diesel tank for the emergency boiler. Construction is expected to continue in this area on and off through February 2021.