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Care team

From the moment you’re diagnosed with cancer, our team of specialists works with you to develop a personalized treatment plan. Your medical plan may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery or a combination of the three. In addition to the medical expertise of our doctors and staff, we offer educational, emotional and practical support from our certified oncology nurses, an oncology nurse navigator, an oncology social worker and registered dietitian. Some of the people on your team include the following:

Medical oncologist

A medical oncologist is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy and targeted therapy. A medical oncologist often helps coordinate additional treatment, such as radiation or surgery. All of the medical oncologists are board certified in oncology.

Radiation oncologist

If your treatment involves radiation therapy, you will also see a board-certified radiation oncologist who reviews all of your existing tests, previous and current diagnosis, and any other treatments you may be undergoing. The radiation oncologist designs a treatment plan specifically for you, manages your care during therapy and prescribes any care you may need for side effects. The radiation oncologist collaborates with any other physicians involved in your care.

Radiation therapists

If you are receiving radiation therapy, the radiation therapist oversees all of your radiation treatments. He or she has been specially trained at a certified school of radiation therapy and works closely with the radiation oncologist, dosimetrist and registered nurses. Our radiation therapists position you for treatment and carry out the treatment prescribed by the radiation oncologist. The therapist manages any requests you may have related to your appointments.

Registered nurses (oncology certified)

Our incredible team of oncology-certified registered nurses actively participate in all aspects of your care. These nurses have received specialized training in cancer care and can answer many of the common questions about what to expect before, during and after cancer treatment.

Oncology nurse navigator

One of the truly special aspects of cancer care at Asante is our oncology nurse navigator. When someone is diagnosed with cancer, we want you to have the benefit of an experienced member of our team who can help guide you through the process ahead. Our navigators can help you understand your diagnosis, coordinate appointments, put you in touch with social services and advocate for you on many different levels.

Oncology social worker/counselor

We have a social worker on our team who specializes in helping people manage the physical and emotional stress of undergoing cancer treatment. Our goal is to help you find solutions during what is often a very stressful time in life. Learn more about what our social worker can do for you.

Registered dietitian

Nutrition plays an essential role for living your best life during cancer treatment, recovery and prevention. Food is one of the few things you can be in control of during your treatment. The dietitian uses science-based evidence to help you make informed choices about nutrition to help manage the effects of cancer and treatment. The dietitian can work with you to make lifelong nutrition options to achieve and maintain good health during and after your treatment.    

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