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Patient resources

In addition to the information on our website, the following resources can help you learn more about all of the support that is available at Asante and beyond.

Living Life to Our Fullest: Emotional and Mental Wellness

Watch this seminar to how to maintain your emotional and mental wellness during your cancer journey.

Living Life to Our Fullest: Nutrition

Watch this seminar to learn ways you can lose or maintain weight, decrease your cancer risk and prepare nutritious meals for a healthy, happy you.

Support groups

Often cancer patients find comfort in company. It helps to share with others who are experiencing similar feelings, and that’s why we encourage you to connect with support groups in our community. We offer support meetings (currently virtual) in which patients share information and coping strategies.

A-Z local and regional resources

Here you'll find transportation, financial support, home health, medical equipment, temporary housing services and much more.

Financial counseling

Our goal is to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for medications related to your treatment. We work with several foundations, Medicare, commercial insurance companies and drug manufacturers to ease your financial burden. In addition, we help patients apply for financial assistance; call (541) 789-2862.

Genetic counseling

Our partners at Oregon Health & Science University offer genetic counseling if you're interested in learning about whether you're at risk for certain cancers and what steps you might take to help lower that risk.

National cancer support

There are a tremendous number of national resources that offer information and support to cancer patients and their families. Here are some we recommend.

National Cancer Institute/Cancer Information Service

Educational information about risk reduction, diagnosis, treatment, ongoing research and support for survivors. Physicians’ Data Query provides medical information about treatments and ongoing clinical trials.

(800) 422-6237

American Cancer Society

Operates around-the-clock with live operators. Information about detection methods, risk reduction, diagnosis, research, treatment and support; also provides publications and referrals to services.

(800) 227-2345

Cancer Care

Free professional counseling, support groups and education.

(800) 813-4673

Cancer Lifeline

Emotional support as well as classes for people living with cancer.

(800) 255-5505

Cancer Survivors Network

A free, non-commercial site for sharing your cancer experience and connect with others that have shared interests and experiences.

(877) 333-4673

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Comprehensive information about breast health and the detection and the treatment of breast cancer.