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Alexis Allensworth, MS

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Alexis Allensworth, MS

Alexis Allensworth believes every individual can benefit from counseling.  She facilitates self-exploration by discussing concerns about family, relationships, stress, self-esteem, and mental health. Alexis has a special interest in exploring communication barriers within romantic, personal, and family relationships. She also focuses on early development, specifically regarding autonomy and self-esteem, and how those aspects of a person’s early life strongly influence mental health as an adult. 

Alexis practices “person-centered counseling,” tailoring her services to each individual’s unique needs.  She believes the client and counselor are equal contributors to the discussion, and goals should be set by the client seeking treatment.  Person-centered techniques allow clients to come to their own conclusions about change.

In addition, Alexis utilizes techniques from solution-focused therapy and transgenerational family therapy.  Solution-focused therapy allows clients to determine specific goals that will help them facilitate change and bring about new solutions.  Transgenerational family therapy looks at the whole family system in order to determine life patterns continuing in the present.  

Alexis holds a master’s degree in applied psychology with an emphasis in mental health counseling from Southern Oregon University, where she also earned a bachelor’s degree in criminology and psychology with a minor in philosophy.  Alexis counsels individuals, adults, children age 7-18, groups, couples, and families.

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