Many health problems are not visible on the outside. Thanks to modern medical science, doctors can see inside a body with incredible detail to diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases. At Asante, we offer the latest advanced technology in ultrasound, MRI, nuclear medicine, CT scans and X-ray.

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Medical team

Asante's imaging experts go above and beyond. All of our technicians are highly trained, exceeding state requirements with advanced certifications in MRI, CT, ultrasound, nuclear medicine and bone density scanning. Our imaging program is supervised by a board-certified radiologist who works directly with technicians at the hospital to interpret test results and offer guidance on complex cases.

Services we offer

Digital radiography

Digital radiography is a filmless X-ray. Images appear on a computer screen, enabling doctors to see more detail and manipulate the picture for closer study.


Ultrasound, also called sonography, uses high-frequency sound waves to generate images of the inner body. Ultrasound is used to diagnose a variety of conditions. It is used during pregnancy to check a developing baby's progressas well as routinely used to guide physicians who are doing biopsies and other invasive type procedures. The technologists who conduct general, vascular, cardiac, breast and OB ultrasounds all have advanced certifications in their specialty areas.


A technique using low-dose X-rays to diagnose and locate tumors of the breasts. Screening mammography is the type of mammogram that checks when you have no symptoms.

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Magnetic resonance imaging uses a combination of magnets, radio waves and computer technology to create moving images of the inner body. MRI is helpful in diagnosing disorders or injuries of the brain, spinal cord, soft tissue and other internal organs.

Nuclear medicine

A nuclear stress test studies the heart to determine if a portion is damaged or not getting enough blood. Patients are given small doses of a radioactive substance, called a tracer, which can be monitored with a camera and a computer screen as it moves through the body. In an exercise stress test, technicians study the heart while you exercise on a treadmill. This helps compare heart health during periods of activity and rest.

X-ray and fluoroscopy

Advanced X-ray technology captures detailed, digital pictures of internal organs, bones and tissue. To study some body parts, such as the stomach or kidneys, patients are given a contrast agent such as barium or iodine. This helps the X-ray generate clear pictures. X-rays combined with a video monitor, called fluoroscopy, can record moving images of the large intestine or colon.

CT scan

Computed tomography uses a combination of X-ray and computer technology to generate three-dimensional views of the inner body. CT scans are often used to diagnose brain and spinal cord disorders, detect tumors or infections, and help guide doctors in surgery. Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center offers a CT 512-slice scanner, the most advanced CT technology available in our area.

Heart scan (Coronary calcium scoring)

A specialized CT scan that reveals calcium deposits in artery walls. These deposits are risk factors for heart attack and stroke.


TomoTherapy is one of the most advanced cancer treatments available. The TomoTherapy® Hi-Art® system is a radiation machine that doubles as a CT scanner, enabling doctors to generate highly accurate, real-time pictures of internal organs as radiation is delivered. Treatment targets the cancer more precisely than ever before, leaving surrounding healthy tissue untouched. Such pinpoint accuracy means fewer side effects and faster recovery for cancer patients.


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