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Advanced imaging technology for back surgery

Neurosurgeons at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center were the first in Oregon to use the O-arm Multidimensional Imaging System, the most advanced image-guided technology available for back surgery. Precision is critical to success in spine surgery, and the O-arm provides precise, detailed, real-time imaging to help surgeons achieve exact alignment and placement of instruments and implants. As a result, O-arm-assisted procedures may be less invasive and shorten recovery times, resulting in improved outcomes.

O-arm Multidimensional Imaging System The O-arm is a portable imaging device with a C-shaped arm that fits over the surgical table to take traditional two-dimensional X-ray images. During surgery it works like a CT scanner to take three-dimensional images in real time. The O-arm gives surgeons incredible three-dimensional views of spinal anatomy and implant hardware, resulting in greatly improved accuracy and the ability to make adjustments at the time of surgery.
Patient benefits associated with the O-arm include:

  • Safer, more accurate placement of spinal instruments for improved surgical outcomes
  • Less time in surgery
  • Reduced risk of the need for follow-up surgery
  • Less radiation exposure from imaging

Talk to your physician to see if O-arm technology is right for you.


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