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Back to the life you love

Achieving the best possible outcome takes work on both our part and yours. We promise to hold up our end by providing the best medical services possible when you’re in our care. We’ll be there to support you as you do your part by fully participating in an ongoing rehabilitation program.

Even after you’ve completed inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation, you will likely need to follow an ongoing therapy program at home to continue healing. Our inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs are designed to educate you about your body and give you the skills you need to keep taking care of it on your own.

During your formal therapy program, the therapist will work with you on exercises and stretches to incorporate into your daily life. Ultimately, your long-term success depends largely on your diligence, cooperation and attention in adhering to the home therapy program we develop for your continued recovery.

For joint replacement surgery and orthopedic and sports medicine, our elite team serves you from surgery to physical therapy and full recovery. If you have sports trauma or joint pain of the knee, hip, back, shoulder, elbow, foot or ankle, Asante provides total and partial joint and knee replacements and sports injury repair including ACL revision, meniscus and cartilage surgery and injections, often with outpatient options. We also provide rehabilitation and therapy.

When your mobility is limited, your life is limited. We are focused on keeping you in motion.