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Care after same-day surgery

Some types of surgery allow the patient to go home the same day. If this is your case, be sure to ask the postop nurse any questions you may have before going home. If you are from out of town and have already filled your prescription for pain medication have your family hold onto it or lock it in your car.

In your postoperative room

The postop nurse will ask you to assess your pain and will work with you to keep you comfortable. Talk with the nurse about treating the pain before it gets too severe.

To make your travel home as safe and comfortable as possible, the nurse will work with you to manage your pain prior to discharge.

The nurse will give and review with you written discharge instructions specific to your surgery. If you have any questions, please ask! It is important that you and your loved ones understand your postop care.

Once you are home

Your recovery space at home should be set up ahead of time, so head directly to it. It’s best to have prepared your care items in advance and planned who will be helping you. Plan to rest and sleep for the first 24 hours after surgery. We recommend having someone stay with you for those initial 24 hours.

When you first get home, pace yourself and get plenty of rest. Make your follow-up appointment with the surgeon’s office as soon as you are able, if it has not already been scheduled.

Make sure that anybody who helps you washes their hands before and after assisting you —and be sure to wash your hands, too! This decreases the chance of surgical site infection.

Remember: no driving the day of the procedure and while on narcotic pain medication.