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Sleep Research Clinical Trial

Using CPAP

(Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)

Now that your overnight testing is complete, you will likely receive a CPAP machine. Because CPAP can be challenging to use, as part of a research study we are offering one free office visit (two if needed) and phone support with a clinical sleep educator.

It is important to use your CPAP machine every night; it can improve your health, including lowering your risk of heart attack and stroke. It may also help you breathe easier during the night, and reduce or eliminate snoring.

In addition to meeting with a sleep specialist at Asante Physician Partners Pulmonary Consultants and Sleep Specialists, meeting with a clinical sleep educator may increase your comfort level with CPAP.

Eligible participants are patients with a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea who are about to receive, or who have received, a CPAP machine within the past 60 days.

For more information and to enroll in this clinical trial, please call (541) 789-4320 and ask to speak with a research assistant.

Patient consent form (pdf)

IRB protocol (pdf)

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