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Pediatric Oncology

Cancer poses plenty of challenges without families having to travel long distances for treatment. Asante makes it possible for families to remain close to home by offering the only pediatric cancer center between San Francisco and Portland.

Local pediatric oncologists have developed strong relationships with specialized programs such as Doernbecher Children’s Hospital (an Oregon Health & Science University facility) in Portland. Although families may need to make an initial visit to a facility like Doernbecher for a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment plan, they can often come home for the remainder of their treatment. With help from the specially trained nurses and staff at Asante, the pediatric oncologists are able to offer a number of treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation, and spinal taps. Parents can also take comfort in knowing that any complications during their child’s treatment will receive an immediate response because of this local expertise.

Who Is Batkid?

Miles Scott, AKA Batkid, was a hero for the day in San Francisco, and he continues to spread goodwill and help save real lives through the Batkid Fund.

The pediatric team at Asante Rogue Regional thanks Miles and the Scott family for supporting them in providing medical care to the over 14,000 children they serve every year.

“He is a great kid,” said Ellen Plummer, MD, his oncologist.

Miles was just 18 months old when he fell off a stool. Doctors thought he had broken his clavicle, but closer examination revealed a lump behind his ear. Further testing reveled he had leukemia.

Miles faced his foe with the spirit of a hero. “He always came to therapy in a superhero outfit or wearing a superhero tee shirt,” Dr. Plummer said. “And during the course of therapy, he always had a smile.”

He received treatment at Doernbeckers Children's Hospital and Asante Rogue Regional under the care of local pediatric oncologists Donna M. Bradshaw, MD, pediatrics, Ashland Center for Family Medicine, Diane C. Williams, MD, pediatric oncology, and Ellen Plummer, MD, Asante Physician Partners.

Miles battled cancer for over three years, receiving monthly intravenous injections, and is now in long term remission. “It’s been a journey,” said Dr. Williams. “He is an absolute cutie. He has done very well and it appears the outcome is going to be great.”

Natalie and Nick Scott are just thankful for the care Miles received. “Everyone at Asante Rogue Regional is so great with children,” said Natalie, his mother. “We are so thankful to everyone.”

And everyone at Asante Rogue Regional thanks them.

“They Scotts are such a lovely family,” said Dr. Williams. “They have always been very supportive of Miles' care: driving over from Tulelake in all seasons; having their second child, Clayton in the midst of all these stresses; and just like Miles, always taking it in stride with a smile.”

Asante Rogue Regional provided care to over 14,000 children in 2012 from a service area of over 36,000 square miles.

Asante Rogue Regional is proud to be a Children's Miracle Network hospital.

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Elllen Plummer, MD - Pediatric Oncologist

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