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Family Birth Center

We’ve been bringing babies into the world for more than 100 years. Our nurses and doctors are experts in the field, with a sophisticated array of diagnostic tools and medical knowledge at their disposal. In addition to medical expertise, they offer experience, compassion, and understanding to give you a safe and fulfilling birth experience. From the moment you arrive at an Asante Family Birth Center, we’ll ease your concerns and share the joy of your child’s birth.

Asante Ashland Community Hospital, Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center and Asante Three Rivers Medical Center have modern Family Birth Centers with private suites for your comfort. Our team works with you to develop a birth plan that’s tailored to your needs. We also have the region’s only Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Asante Rogue Regional in Medford, where neonatal doctors, nurses and therapists are available around-the-clock when specialized care is needed.

Asante Guidelines for Birthing Families during COVID-19

Here are some ways we’re keeping our patients and their families safe, as well as tips for caring for your baby at home.

Ashland Family Birth Center

Oregon's first hospital-based alternative birth center offers a private, home-like environment and a sensitive, choice-oriented staff. Beautifully decorated private rooms feature a state-of-the-art birthing bed, entertainment center, refrigerator, bay window seat, and other comfortable touches. We maintain a good balance between high technology and high touch, incorporating current equipment with a wide variety of personal choices.

Explore the unique services available at our birth center:

Notice: Due to the COVID-19 virus, all community classes have been canceled until further notice. Tours of the Birth Center are also canceled during this time. A free online childbirth education class is available for expectant parents to prepare for giving birth at our hospital.

Grants Pass Family Birth Center

The private birthing suites at Asante Three Rivers allow mothers to stay in one room for labor, delivery, and recovery. Each room comes equipped with a whirlpool tub, television, VHS/DVD player, and AM/FM five-disc CD player. Personalize your surroundings by playing your favorite music, dimming the lights, and choosing whom you wish to have present at your baby’s birth. The Family Birth Center also offers a comfortable waiting area for families just outside our secured area.

As a designated “Baby-Friendly” Hospital, Asante Three Rivers places special emphasis on the importance of breastfeeding and natural nutrition for your child, yet we remain committed to supporting your infant feeding choice.

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Medford Family Birth Center

At Asante Rogue Regional’s Family Birth Center, we understand that giving birth can be one of the most profound and joyous experiences of your life, and we are honored to be part of it.

Like proud parents, we may boast about our sophisticated equipment and facilities and our highly trained, experienced and professional staff, but we know that high-tech equipment and advanced degrees mean little without caring and compassion. Our nurses and physicians are here because they find joy and fulfillment in helping bring babies into the world. We treat each person with the utmost sensitivity and care.

Notice: Due to the COVID-19 virus, all community classes have been canceled until further notice. In-person tours of the Birth Center are also canceled during this time. Educational materials are available by mail for expectant parents to prepare for giving birth at our hospital.

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