Urgent Care Video Visits for COVID-19 - Asante

Introducing Video Visits for COVID-19

Who is eligible

COVID-19Video visits are now available for non-emergency COVID-19 symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, congestion or fever.

You must be age 5 or older and a patient of Asante.

What you need

  • A mobile Android or Apple device with a camera and microphone.
  • An active Asante MyChart account. If you do not have one, call (541) 789-3602 or email mychart@asante.org to request an activation code.
  • The MyChart mobile app:
Apple App Store
Google Play
video visit phone

Schedule an appointment

  1. Log in to the correct account.
    • For patients 5 to 14 years old: A parent (or guardian) logs into the parent’s Asante MyChart account. Click on the icon with the child’s name. The parent must have proxy access to the child’s account, which grants them access to their child's MyChart.
    • For patients 15 years and older: Minors and adults must schedule the video visit themselves using their Asante MyChart account.
  2. Tap the "Urgent Care Video Visit Now" icon.
  3. Answer a few questions.
  4. Tap "Put me in line".
  5. Tap "eCheck-in".

Frequently asked questions

What is the process for scheduling a video visit?

Video visits must be scheduled under the name of the person who wants to be seen. You can't schedule a video visit for yourself and then switch the visit to another person.

New users can view our step-by-step guide for Urgent Care Video Visits.

View Guide

How do I know when the provider is ready to see me?

The MyChart app will notify you when the provider is ready to see you. Please make sure that "Push Notifications" are turned on by going to "Account Settings" in the MyChart app.

What can I do to avoid connection issues during the session?

We recommend that your mobile device is connected to a strong WiFi connection. 3G or 4G connections offer a less reliable connection but may be used if WiFi is unavailable.

When are video visits available?

You can start a video visit 7 days a week, from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

What are video visits for?

Video visits are for minor health problems such as asthma, flu-like symptoms, pink eye, rashes, seasonal allergies, sinus infections, sore throat, urinary tract infections (females 13 years & older only), and vomiting/diarrhea (without abdominal pain).

Please note that controlled substances are not prescribed over Urgent Care Video Visits.

Video visits are not for emergencies. Call 911 for emergencies.

How much does it cost?

Video visits are $45, but your cost may be less based on your insurance. Lab and other tests are an extra charge.